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New: Construction workforce opportunities with CTA and RLE

CTA has required workforce participation goals on major construction projects to create a path for underrepresented and residents of economically disadvantaged areas to career opportunities in the building trades, union apprenticeships and other construction-related jobs. Take the steps now with CTA to begin or advance your career!

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RLE project included in Biden-Harris Administration Recommendation to Congress for Federal Funding Support in 2025 Budget Request

On March 11, the Biden-Harris Administration announced 14 large transit projects in 11 states could receive nearly $4 billion in federal support for construction as part of President Biden’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2025 Budget Request to Congress. The $3.6 billion Red Line Extension (RLE) project has been recommended to receive $350 million in 2025!

Thank you to our local, state and federal partners for the continued support of this historic equity project.

Read the full press release here (3/13/2024)

CTA Workforce Outreach Event at Altgeld Chicago Youth Center (January 25, 2024)

Join the first CTA Workforce Outreach event of the new year on Thursday, Jan. 25, 2024 from 4-6 p.m. at the Altgeld Chicago Youth Center (951 E. 132nd Pl.). Connect with workforce agencies, get information about job trainings, and learn about job opportunities on current and upcoming CTA projects.

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RLE 2023 year-end recap

Take a look at the exciting progress the Red Line Extension project and team made in 2023!

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CTA receives FTA’s Excellence in Environmental Document Award for RLE

In October 2023 at APTA TRANSform, FTA Administrator Nuria Fernandez presented Chicago Transit Authority with FTA’s Excellence in Environmental Document Award for the Red Line Extension project. The award recognizes environmental documents that exemplify best practices for a well-managed environmental documentation process, comply with prevailing requirements and expectations, and achieve the objective of paperwork reduction.

FTA news release (10/10/2023)

RLE project to receive $100 million federal grant

On Oct. 12, CTA announced the RLE project will receive a $100 million grant from the federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ)/Carbon Reduction Program, after receiving $30 million from the same source in 2021. The announcement follows the recent notification from the Federal Transit Administration last month that the RLE project was in line to receive $1.973 billion of federal “New Starts” funding. This new grant award moves RLE one step closer to breaking ground in 2025! 

CTA news release (10/12/2023)

Fall 2023 newsletter

New information on the RLE project's step toward $1.973 billion in FTA funds and the TSD Plan winning APA-IL's 2023 Strategic Plan Award! Plus, community spotlights, the project's outreach efforts and workforce developments.

CTA issues Request for Proposals (RFP) to build new RLE track structure and four stations

CTA is moving to the next stage in its selection of a contractor to design and build the $3.6 billion rail line extension! The agency announced Sept. 24, 2023 that it has issued its Request for Proposals (RFP) to three contracting teams pre-selected by CTA earlier this year that demonstrated the ability to design and build the Red Line Extension in a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) process begun last year.

CTA’s release of the RFP to the three pre-selected contracting teams – FH Paschen, Ragnar Benson, Milhouse and BOWA Joint Venture; Kiewit Infrastructure; and Walsh VINCI Transit Community Partners – follows the agency’s issuance of a Draft RFP to the same group earlier this year. Feedback from the teams during the Draft RFP process guided the creation of the RFP, which will improve the contractors’ ability to bid on the project and for CTA to hire the best contracting team for the RLE project.

The contracting teams’ proposals will be considered on a variety of criteria, including experience, price, workforce programs, inclusion of Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)-certified firms and other minority owned firms in the project, and other factors. CTA expects major construction of this project to begin in 2025 pending federal approvals, and anticipates beginning pre-construction work in 2024 that will include property demolition and advanced utility relocation work.

CTA news release (9/14/2023)

RLE TSD Plan wins the 2023 Strategic Plan Award from the American Planning Association  IL Chapter


We are excited to share the RLE “Transit-Supportive Development Plan (TSD)” has won the 2023 Strategic Plan Award from the American Planning Association – Illinois Chapter (APA-IL)! This notable award recognizes the CTA’s vision and plan for transformational community impact related to the $3.6 billion RLE project.

Led by the CTA in partnership with Chicago’s Department of Planning and Development (DPD) and community stakeholders within the Red Line Extension Project footprint, the Transit-Supportive Development Plan for the RLE Project footprint is a guide for the future development of the long-disinvested communities on the Far South Side. The Plan is reflective of the vision of those who currently reside and do business in these communities, and was adopted by the Chicago Plan Commission in May 2023. 

Visit the RLE TSD page for more information and to view the plan.

CTA news release (9/12/2023)

CTA Red Line Extension one step closer to $1.973 billion in federal funding

A rendering of the 103rd Street Station. A vibrant street with the station featured prominently over it.
Michigan Avenue Station. A lively mainstreet with the CTA station shown prominently in the background.

On Sept. 8, 2023, the federal government announced the RLE project is in line for $1.973 billion in critical grant funding needed to build the project! RLE has officially advanced into the next phase of the federal “New Starts” program – an important step to moving the project closer to groundbreaking. CTA can now begin the “Engineering” phase of the project, which includes further design and engineering needed to build the project and identifies the federal grant dollars CTA can receive for the project once the engineering phase is completed and approved by FTA.
“Today is a great day for the South Side of Chicago,” said CTA President Dorval R. Carter, Jr. “The Far South Side has been promised for 50 years that the Red Line would be extended to the city’s southern border, and today we can say that promise is significantly closer to being met. This project brings a wealth of job and training opportunities, and it enhances the quality of life for residents who will be able to access jobs and education more easily than ever before.” 

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CTA news release (9/8/2023)

RLE Project Schedule. Accomplishments to date: Start Procurement, Complete NEPA, Complete 30% design, Transit TIF approval. (2023) Start Phase 2 of Procurement Process. Project Development complete. We are here. Engineering Phase. (timeline transitioning into 2024) Anticipated recipt of federal funding. Award construction contract. (Nearing end of engineering phase) Construction. 2025-2029. Project opening at the end of the timeline. *Exact dates subject to further refinement as project advances.

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