Performance metrics

Performance metrics are designed to measure the Chicago Transit Authority’s success in meeting its goal of providing on-time, clean, safe, efficient and courteous service.

Performance reports

Reports measure CTA’s performance in its six core areas of service:

  • Ridership
  • On-Time
  • Efficient
  • Safe
  • Clean
  • Courteous

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Previous reports


Monthly performance metric reports include year-end target figures, definitions and color-coding indicating the status of each performance indicator:

  • Green: meeting or exceeding target
  • Yellow: within 10 percent of target
  • Red: missing target by more than 10 percent
  • Grey: measure does not have a target

Customer satisfaction surveys

We regularly survey customers about their travel preferences and satisfaction with our service. Input from our customers helps us to improve CTA services and make the transit riding experience better.

If you are a CTA customer who is interested in participating in future customer surveys or focus groups, please sign up here. Past survey results:

Transit Asset Management

Transit Asset Management (TAM) is a business model that prioritizes resources based on asset conditions and performance to provide safe, cost-effective, and reliable public transportation. TAM is also the subject of a set of new federal regulations and reporting requirements with which CTA must comply beginning in October 2018. Beyond ensuring compliance with federal requirements, the goal of the TAM Plan is to improve the quality of information available to optimize the allocation of maintenance and capital planning & investment resources.

PDFTransit Asset Management Plan

Ridership reports

The latest available and historic data are available in our ridership reports, which are available on their own webpage.