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  • Weekly planned service changes
    Get a weekly e-mail outlining upcoming events that affect service, like track work, bus reroutes, new schedules or route changes for service on weekdays, weekends or both.
  • Late-breaking events affecting service
    Get e-mail or text alerts right when something affect service on your route. This includes delays, reroutes and service disruptions. Alerts are sent as events affect service. Sign up by route and time of day for when you're interested in info.
  • Station accessibility updates
    Get updates about elevator outages including when we need to take an elevator out of service and when elevators are put back into service.


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How incidents affecting service are updated throughout the week
Our Control Center is staffed with people who can publish emergency alerts from early mornings through late evenings, daily; this service is not available during overnight hours. Alerts are posted once reports come in and there’s helpful information to give, and details may change over time.

System status snapshot
‘L’ route status
Red Line
Normal Service
Blue Line
Normal Service
Brown Line
Normal Service
Green Line
Normal Service
Orange Line
Normal Service
Pink Line
Normal Service
Purple Line
Normal Service
Yellow Line
Normal Service
Bus routes w/alerts
Elevator alerts