A courtesy campaign ad for escalators (more below on page)

Courtesy campaign

Being considerate of other riders helps ensure a pleasant commute for everyone. Our new courtesy campaign is a friendly reminder that we’re all the “public” part of public transportation—and we can all do our part to ensure a comfortable commute for everyone.

Move to the middle of the car

More people can get where they’re going if you move to the middle of the car and leave the door area open for others to board. Trains and buses can get very busy during rush periods, and empty space left in the aisles means people are left behind. Please pass down the aisle and move into the car as much as possible.

Move to the Middle of the Car


Let others off before you board

To make room for you to get on the train or bus, people first need to be allowed to get off first – otherwise, everyone ends up tangled in the confined space of the doorway. Pushing past each other takes more time, delaying the train or bus and everyone onboard. Before you board, please stand back and allow passengers to exit.

Let Others Off Before You Board


Don’t block the doors

Standing in the doorway makes it harder for other passengers to get on and off the train. As a result, the train sits at the station longer, slowing down train service and potentially leading too overcrowding. Please stand away from the doors, and leave room for boarding and exiting riders.

Onboard buses, the area around the rear exit door is a convenient place to move out of people’s way in the aisle, but standing there makes it difficult for people to get off. Please don’t linger there, and if you need to stand there to allow someone to pass, please move away when someone needs to exit.

 Don’t Block the Doors


Stand right, walk left

When riding an escalator, use the right side of the escalator if you prefer to stand, allowing people to pass on the left – just like the rules of the road! And remember to hold onto the handrail.

Stand Right, Walk Left


Move down the platform and use all doors

Everyone can’t fit through the same couple doors on the train. Each train car has two sets of doors per side, meaning there are as many as 16 doors to choose from on an 8-car train! Spread out on the platform, and use another door to board more quickly so everyone can get on their way. ProTip: The cars at the ends are often less crowded!

 Move Down the Platform and Use All Doors


Don't eat on the train or bus

Please don’t eat or drink on board CTA buses and trains. The smells bother other passengers and wrappers or other messes left behind make for an unpleasant ride for the next passenger – and next time, that might be you!

Eating on the Train or Bus


Offering seats to expectant mothers

If a fellow rider appears to be pregnant, please offer her your seat. And if requested, please yield it to her. The strain and fatigue of pregnancy is enough without the added stress of a moving bus or train. Remember, your mother was pregnant once too! Wouldn’t you stand up for her?

Offering Seats to Expectant Mothers


Yielding priority seats

Seats near the doors on buses and trains are designated “priority seats”, as required by federal law. Please offer priority seating to fellow passengers who need it, including those with disabilities, seniors, and expectant mothers. If someone requests that you yield the seat, remember: not all disabilities are visible – take their word for it.

Yielding Priority Seats


Don’t litter

Please don’t leave your newspaper, wrappers or other litter on the train, bus or station floor. Deposit your trash in a bin or taking it with you – it not only helps keep CTA cleaner, but allows us to clean the vehicles and facilities better for you. Some debris like papers can even cause minor track fires, delaying service for everyone.

Don’t Litter


Don’t play loud music

Remember, you must wear headphones when listening to music on the bus or train, and keep the volume low enough that others can’t hear it – if others can hear it, it’s too loud.

Don’t Play Loud Music


Don’t put bags on seats

Your bag did not pay its own fare and is not entitled to its own seat. Please keep your bags and other personal items on the floor or your lap and off the seats. More room for everyone means a more pleasant ride, and room for more passengers.

 Don’t Put Bags on Seats


Loud cell phone talking

Please keep your voice low when talking on your cell phone on the CTA, or send a text instead. The microphone is right next to your mouth – there’s no need to yell on your cell. Keep your personal conversations personal.

Loud Cell Phone Talking


Don’t hold the doors

Keep your belongings, and yourself, clear of the doors when they’re closing. Items trapped in the doors cause delays, and there are better uses for your body than as a wedge. It’s not worth it – there will be another train just like it along shortly.

Don’t Hold the Doors

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