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Finance & budget

This page contains information about CTA's finances and budget.

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For latest available financial reports/statements presented before the Chicago Transit Board's Finance, Audit & Budget Committee meetings, see Board Presentations


Latest budget recommendations

2019 Budget Recommendations

2019 Budget BookThe President's 2019 Budget Recommendations book provides an overview of the proposed 2019 operating and capital budget. Key initiatives are highlighted in an easy-to-read manner with accompanying charts and graphs.

In addition, historical and reference data is presented in a detailed appendix section.

PDF2019 Budget Recommendations
PDF2019 Budget Recommendations accessible text version


Past budget recommendations


Financial statements


Pension Obligation Bond Sale Report

PDFPension Obligation Bond Sale Report (text version)


IRMA representation notice

PDFIndependent Registered Municipal Advisor ("IRMA") Representation Notice, eff. May 8, 2017


Official statements for CTA bonds


Miscellaneous reference

PDF CTA Debt Policy
The Debt Management Policy serves as a management tool to enable the Chicago Transit Authority to identify transactions that utilize debt in the most efficient manner and provide for full and timely repayment of all borrowings. It establishes guidelines for the appropriate amount and type of debt as a means of achieving the lowest possible cost of capital within prudent risk parameters and ensuring ongoing access to the capital markets. And it also addresses the method of bond sale and the selection of bond professionals.

PDF CTA Investment Policy



PDF 2016 Chicago Investors Conference presentation (8/3/2016)