Red Line Extension

Acquisition and relocation

Through extensive planning for the Red Line Extension (RLE) project, the CTA has determined that it is necessary to acquire certain properties to implement the project.

Property owners and tenants who would be affected by acquisition and relocation under the RLE project are protected under the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, as amended (known simply as the “Uniform Act”), along with state regulations. The CTA will treat property owners and tenants fairly and will seek cooperative settlements of property acquisitions. In addition, the CTA must provide financial assistance and relocation services for property owners, as well as commercial and residential occupants who must move because of the RLE project.

You can read more about your rights as a property owner under applicable federal laws here:

In August 2022, the CTA published an updated map book that summarizes the project impacts to properties. Additional information about potentially acquired properties is available in the map book here.

If you have questions about the potential acquisition of your property, please contact us at: (312) 681-4563 or at

Frequently asked questions about property acquisition and relocation