Red Line Extension

Acquisition and relocation

Through extensive planning for the Red Line Extension (RLE) project, the CTA determined that it was necessary to acquire certain properties to implement the project. All property owners affected by acquisition and relocation under the RLE project have been contacted. If you have not been contacted, your property has not been identified as affected.

Property owners and tenants who are affected by acquisition and relocation under the RLE project are protected under the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, as amended (known simply as the “Uniform Act”), along with state regulations. The CTA has treated property owners and tenants fairly and has sought cooperative settlements of property acquisitions. In addition, the CTA is providing financial assistance and relocation services for property owners, as well as commercial and residential occupants who must move because of the RLE project.

Vacant Properties and Demolition

While groundbreaking for the project is expected in 2025, there will be plenty of activity happening in 2024. You may see construction personnel in the community doing survey work and other preparation for construction activities this year, which will include property demolition and relocating utility equipment above and below ground.

CTA is committed to maintaining these properties safely and securely until demolition. CTA works closely with their property management team and local law enforcement to prevent illicit activity. See suspicious activity on a CTA property? Call our property manager East Lake Management at (312) 842-5500 or 911 if it's an emergency. Your safety is important!

Read our full update on upcoming preparatory construction work in 2024 on our What's new page.


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Review the Map Book, for project impacts to acquired properties

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Frequently asked questions about property acquisition and relocation