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Sanctuary (above)
Doug Fogelson
Mixed media art glass
2015, Arts in Transit

Looking to create a timeless work of art to visually soften the space of the stationhouse, Chicago artist Doug Fogelson drew inspiration from the nearby Chicago River and Lake Michigan. The soothing natural elements of ripples, waves and light reflecting through water create a place of sanctuary within the transit environment, which sits between the lanes of the bustling expressway. For the artist, the artwork also serves a metaphor for residents and the impact they can have on their community. “Just as many drops make up a river or a lake, many people make up a community.” – Doug Fogelson


A Need to Remember (below)
Preston Jackson
Bronze, stainless steel
2007, Arts in Transit

This sculpture, in the shape of a two-sided screen, juxtaposes contemporary and historic imagery of African-American culture and daily life. A master of portraiture and storytelling, artist Preston Jackson intends this artwork to be a history lesson and inspiration for the present and future. The sculpture juxtaposes streetscapes and images of days past with tender scenes of hair-braiding and imagery from nature.


Photo of Art

Photo of Art

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