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Growing Englewood… (above)
Emmanuel Pratt & Olalekan Jeyifous
Anodized aluminum, vinyl
2015, Arts in Transit

Growing Englewood… celebrates the rebirth and renaissance of the Englewood community, which is benefitting from a number of new initiatives, including community and economic developments (i.e. Green Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative and Food Plan of Chicago). Created by artist team Emmanuel Pratt and Olalekan Jeyifous, the murals are intended to provide a framework for an ongoing conversation about positive actions within and beyond the neighborhood and to open up opportunities for dialogue about the future.


A Red Line and a Cloud (below)
Sabina Ott
Art glass
2007, Arts in Transit

As the 63rd Street stationhouse seems to float above the expressway, Sabina Ott’s artwork appears to interact with the landscape of Chicago, momentarily suspending the viewer in the painted clouds. A Red Line and a Cloud is based on maps that turn and swirl, mimicking the view north from the stationhouse. The path of the CTA Red Line route anchors the center of this landscape of floating clouds and color.


Photo of Art


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