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Presenting the Pictures You Wanted to See (above)
Cecil McDonald, Jr.

Mixed media art glass
2015, Arts in Transit

Artist Cecil McDonald Jr. uses photography, video and text to explore the intersections of masculinity, familial relations and the artistic and intellectual pursuits of black culture.

Four photographs capture scenes of everyday life and are inscribed with a message of encouragement: Be Big, Be Proud, Be Well, Be You. Translated into glass, the images appear transparent and in reverse color, disguising the identity of the artist’s sitters while details about the location of each portrait are revealed.

McDonald strives to present the ordinary rhythms of life as truly extraordinary. These are images of individuals inhabiting their spaces, living out their lives. And if only for a moment, these are in essence, the pictures of our lives.


Nexus Orbs (below)
Bernard Williams
Hydro-cut anodized aluminum
2007, Arts in Transit

Inspired by patterns and imagery found in nature, ancient cultures and tribal art, Bernard Williams developed a vocabulary of symbols to create a suspended sculpture and series of medallions affixed to the stationhouse windows.

Each circular in shape, the symbols serve as a metaphor for the rhythm of the daily commute in which one begins and ends in the same place.

Photo of Art

Photo of Art


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