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Seventyninth:Street:Shuffle (above)
McArthur Binion

Mixed media art glass
2015, Arts in Transit

Layered within these colorful grid patterns is information originally published in the Chatham Citizen newspaper on June 16, 1965, and reproduced by the artist to symbolize all members of this community, past and present. The text includes local marriage announcements, names and addresses of citizens elected to the Chatham-Avalon Park Community Council and a feature article about Mrs. Mahalia Jackson, the celebrated gospel singer, who lived at 8358 S. Indiana Avenue.

Chicago artist McArthur Binion was born in Mississippi and began work in the cotton fields at age four. In 1973 he was distinguished as the first African American to earn a Master of Fine Arts degree from the prestigious Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan.


South Side Weave (below)
Stephen Marc
Art glass, aluminum
2007, Arts in Transit

Stephen Marc created these murals by combining historic photographs of the nearby community with his own images of the South Side, photographed during the year 2006. The photo-montages feature old and new images superimposed of landmarks including the Auburn Park Lagoon and the Mt. Herman Missionary Baptist Church. The landscape of Chicago provides the descriptive background while portraits and scenes of daily life animate these spaces. The theme of hair is featured prominently, with images of braids creating a patterned framework for each mural.

Photo of Art

Photo of Art

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