Time Traveler 1; Time Traveler 2 (below)
Thomas Lucas

Stainless steel, image transfer glass and ceramic tile
2015, Arts in Transit

Home to nationally recognized African-American owned businesses such as Johnson Products and Seaway Bank and Trust, the Chatham neighborhood’s energy and rich business history served as inspiration to Chicago artist Tom Lucas.

A variety of images taken from the surrounding area are juxtaposed with bright colors, bold text and patterns symbolic of the past, present and future of this vibrant South Side community.

The artist also drew inspiration from lyrics in the hip-hop song “Time Travelin” on the critically acclaimed album Like Water for Chocolate (2000), written and performed by Common – an award-winning recording artist, actor, and poet who was born and raised in Chicago’s South Side.


Photo of Art


The Shore (below)
Jeff Zimmerman
Art Glass
2007, Arts in Transit

Images of a man and woman appear to float within schools of fish in Jeff Zimmerman’s contemporary stained-glass windows. Inspired by the theme of migration, the artist relates the daily activity of riding the train to the life-cycle of fish. Although fish swim constantly in migration, they eventually return to their birthplace. Floating amongst the fish, the man and woman reach out to each other, as if bridging the gap between strangers in their daily journey.

Photo of Art

Photo of Art

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