February 16, 2001

Please review Customer Alert for Reroute Maps.

Street closings scheduled to begin late Friday, February 23, for the Wacker Drive reconstruction project will require the rerouting 12 CTA bus lines, including five that operate only during rush periods and one that currently runs only on weekends.

The affected lines are the #2 Hyde Park Express, #6 Jeffery Express, #10 Museum of Science & Industry, #24 Wentworth, #29 State, #36 Broadway, #37 Sedgwick/Ogden, #62 Archer, #122 Illinois Center/North Western Express, #123 Illinois Center/Union Express, #125 Water Tower Express and #146 Marine/Michigan Express.

Southbound #2 Hyde Park Express, #10 Museum of Science & Industry, and #146 Marine/Michigan Express buses will use Michigan to Randolph before turning west to State and south over their regular routes. Northbound buses will turn east from State at Lake and go north on Michigan over their regular routes.

#6 Jeffery Express buses will be detoured only on southbound trips from Columbus, which will operate via South Water, Wabash, and Randolph to State.

#24 Wentworth buses, which normally end their downtown trips northbound on Dearborn at Wacker, will continue north to Hubbard and go west to Clark before starting new trips south on Clark. #62 Archer buses, which also arrive downtown on Dearborn, will turn east on Lake and end their trips at State.

#29 State buses will operate north via State, Randolph, Dearborn and Kinzie back to State. Southbound trips from Navy Pier will be via Grand, Wabash and Randolph to State. Southbound #36 Broadway buses will turn off State at Hubbard, go west to Clark, south to Lake, and east back to State.

#37 Sedgwick/Ogden buses northbound on Franklin will turn east at Lake and go north on LaSalle over the existing detour to Grand and west to Orleans. Northbound #125 Water Tower Express buses will remain on Lake from Canal to LaSalle before heading north over the current detour to Ohio. Southbound buses on both routes will not be affected by the Wacker project at this time.

#122 Express buses leaving the Ogilvie Transportation Center will operate via Washington, Michigan and Wacker to Columbus. Return trips will be via South Water, Michigan and Randolph to Canal. #123 Express buses from Union Station will use Jackson, Wacker, Monroe, Michigan and Wacker to Columbus. Buses will return to the station via South Water, Michigan and Adams to Canal.

For further information call 836-7000 (all local area codes).

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