Temporary Changes to Bus Boarding Locations at 95th/Dan Ryan Terminal

October 10, 2017

95th Terminal Improvement work will require partial closures of bus terminal; entrances to rail station to remain open

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) is alerting bus and rail customers who use the 95th Street Red Line Terminal of upcoming, temporary changes in bus boarding locations, necessary to allow the CTA to continue construction work on the brand new 95th Street Terminal now under way.

Begun in 2014, the CTA is building a new, state of the art bus and rail terminal to better serve the 20,000 people who use the terminal each day, providing them with a much larger and easier to navigate transit facility that will improve their daily commutes.

In preparation to construct a new North Terminal on 95th, beginning later this month the CTA will need to close the bus customer boarding areas of the existing 95th Terminal building, first the east side and then the west side – each for approximately three weeks – to expand the area and create more space for sidewalks and bus lanes.

Other than where customers board buses, there will be no change to bus service at the 95th/Dan Ryan terminal. All entrances to the rail station will remain open during these times.

East Bus Terminal Closure (Phase I)

  • The eastern bus boarding area, closest to State Street, will close on October 20 at 10 p.m.

  • Seven CTA and five Pace bus routes will be temporarily relocated for three weeks.

  • Customers traveling these routes will need to board from the following locations:

    • West Terminal (center island): #N5 South Shore Night Bus, #108 Halsted/95th, #112 Vincennes/111th, as well as Pace bus routes #352 and #395.
    • 95th/Lafayette: #95 95th and Pace bus routes #359 and #381.
    • Temporary bus terminal at 95th/State (southeast corner): #100 Jeffery Manor Express, #103 West 103rd, #106 East 103rd and Pace bus routes #353, #359 and #381.
  • Routes not affected by the work include: #N9 Ashland, #29 State, #34 South Michigan, #111 111th/King Drive, #115 Pullman/115th and #119 Michigan/119th, which will continue to serve the West terminal. The boarding location for Greyhound buses is also unaffected during this time.

  • The changes in service will remain in effect through Friday, November 10.


Phase I Temporary Bus Boarding Locations

Phase I temporary bus boarding locations map



West Bus Terminal Closure (Phase II)

  • The western bus boarding area, closest to Lafayette Avenue, will close on Friday,

  • November 10 starting at 10 p.m.

  • CTA will provide new bus boarding location information in a future announcement.

  • Regular west bus boarding is expected to resume on Wednesday, December 6.


CTA is working closely with local officials and organizations to inform members of the community of these upcoming service changes. Additional signage and information also will be posted throughout the bus and rail terminal and available online to direct riders where to board buses.

The 95th Street Terminal Improvement Project is a $280 million project to completely rebuild the Red Line South’s busiest station and create a safer, larger and more-efficient environment for transit riders. The completed project will not only create a signature statement for the South Side, but will better serve the existing high volume of riders by providing safer passenger access to buses and the train station. This modern facility will also expand passenger capacity and provide riders with a safer, pedestrian-friendly environment that will offer fewer delays and shorter travel times.

CTA has already begun construction of a new South Terminal, which, along with a new North Terminal, will be completed in 2018.

For the latest information on the project, visit: http://www.transitchicago.com/95thTerminal/.

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