Red Ahead: Red & Purple Modernization

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September 2020, from left to right: new platform steel for Bryn Mawr temporary rail station; sheathing on main entrance of Bryn Mawr temporary station; embankment improvements for Argyle temporary station; relay house and signal work at Montrose; steel erection for new Thorndale relay house; HVAC installation at new Berwyn relay house.

Red Line 'pre-stage' track improvements are ongoing in 2020

We are continuing track upgrade work on the Red and Purple lines in preparation to start construction of four new stations and tracks between Lawrence and Bryn Mawr as part of the Red and Purple Modernization (RPM) Phase One Project.

These track improvements to the Red and Purple lines near Thorndale station and near Montrose Avenue will make it possible for us to continue to run Red and Purple Line service during new station and track construction, which is expected to begin in 2021. The interlockings allow our trains to safely switch tracks, which is important to providing service during construction 2021-2024.


Are you done with RPM pre-stage work?

We will continue to make pre-stage improvements during the remainder of 2020, including installing new signal houses that help us manage train operations, retaining wall repairs and other track improvements. We're also currently building new temporary train stations at Argyle and Bryn Mawr in 2020 that will serve passengers during station reconstruction 2021-2024.




When do Lawrence, Argyle, Berwyn and Bryn Mawr fully close for reconstruction?

We expect to begin building new stations and track structure in 2021, with new stations expected to open by the end of 2024. Temporary stations at Argyle and Bryn Mawr will be constructed in 2020 and open during station and track construction to serve our Red Line customers throughout construction.

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RPM construction has begun!

Better CTA service is coming! We've broken ground on the transformational Red and Purple Modernization (RPM) Phase One Project, with work beginning on a key component of RPM, the Red-Purple Bypass north of Belmont station. The bypass will allow for more trains, less congestion and a less cramped commute to work.

The modernization project has many steps, and it is important to know when and how you or your business may be affected.  Sign up for construction impact alerts in your community here.

How are we building the Red-Purple Bypass?