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RPM Phase One Project overview: 2023

Better CTA service is coming! We have begun the transformational Red and Purple Modernization (RPM) Phase One Project. The modernization project has many steps, and it is important to know when and how you may be affected.  Sign up for construction impact alerts in your community here. Click here for Construction Activity Notices related to this project.

Red-Purple Bypass, four-month project lookahead, February 2, 2023

Lawrence to Bryn Mawr, four-month project lookahead, January 26, 2023

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Red-Purple Bypass

We completed construction of a new Red-Purple Bypass bridge in 2021. The bypass is a new track bridge that carries Kimball-bound Brown Line trains over Red and Purple Line tracks north of Belmont, easing train congestion and improving service for our customers.

Since finishing the bypass, we have begun rebuilding the century-old Red and Purple Line tracks underneath the bypass, between Belmont and between Cornelia and Newport.  Currently, we are rebuilding the southbound Red and Purple Line elevated track structure; starting next year, we'll then rebuild the northbound structures. While this work is happening, we have also been rehabilitating the century-old Brown Line elevated structure in the area to modernize it. The new Purple and Red Line tracks are expected be completed by 2025, providing smoother and more comfortable rides for our customers. See the latest construction activity notices by clicking here.

IMG_6495Lawrence to Bryn Mawr Modernization

Work on reconstruction of four Red Line stations and elevated track structures began in 2021. The Lawrence to Bryn Mawr Modernization Project activities include the demolition of stations, track bridges and structure and partial embankment; construction of new track foundations, new elevated track bridge via a gantry system (right, at W Argyle Avenue) and four new Red Line stations. In 2021, we  began "Stage A", which is rebuilding the northbound CTA Red and Purple Line tracks. In 2023, we'll complete Stage A and begin Stage B, which will rebuild the southbound Red and Purple Line tracks -- and four Red Line stations at Lawrence, Argyle, Berwyn and Bryn Mawr that will be modern, fully accessible and feature original artwork reflective of the local community. The new stations are expected to open by 2025.

See the latest construction activity notices by clicking here.

Construction activity notices (CANs)

As we work hard to modernize the system for our riders, we know that our construction can and does affect people who live and work nearby. This is why we provide advanced notice to communities in the RPM project footprint about work that we will be doing. Construction Activity Notices (CANs) that we have issued for RPM Phase One work can be found here (scroll down the page). They are also emailed to affected residents and businesses and physically posted in work site areas.


Latest News

New dates: Extended street closure W Winona St btwn CTA tracks, N Winthrop 02/13/2023

Continuous, 24/7 W WInona street closure between CTA tracks and N Winthrop thru April 5 for track concrete placement and material deliveries. Download Document

Updated dates: Weekday, weekend work in alley behind 4900-4954 N Winthrop 02/13/2023

Heating equipment will be staged in the alley between W Ainslie to W Argyle during work hours 7am-7pm thru for March 3 winter heating for trackwork. Download Document

Lane shifts W Berwyn 02/10/2023

Lane shifts with flagger assistance on W Berwyn from N Broadway to N Winthrop during work hours 7am-5pm thru Feb. 15 for noise barrier installation. Download Document

Daily alley closures 5200-5268 N Winthrop 02/10/2023

Crews will block alley access from W Foster to W Berwyn during work hours 7am-7pm weekdays and Saturdays thru Feb. 18 for noise barrier installation. Download Document

Daily street closures on W Balmoral 02/08/2023

Construction work will require daytime closures of W Balmoral Avenue between 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Feb. 8-11.​ Download Document

Daily alley closure behind 5300-5358 N Winthrop 02/08/2023

The alley between W Berwyn to W Balmoral will close during work hours 7am-7pm weekdays and Saturdays thru Feb. 17 for noise barrier installation. Download Document

One-day alley closure 4800-4848 N Winthrop 02/07/2023

Crews will block access to the alleys and garages/parking spaces during work hours 7am-3pm for track segment grouting. Download Document

Updated dates: Sidewalk impacts, intermittent daily alley closures 1113-1121 W Bryn Mawr, 5500-5558 N Winthrop 02/06/2023

There will be intermittent sidewalk closures with flagger assistance on the south side of W Bryn Mawr; crews will intermittently block access to the N Winthrop alley and garages/parking spaces during work hours 7am-7pm weekdays and Saturdays thru March 10 for Bryn Mawr temporary station foundation installation. Download Document

New date: One-day street closure N Clark, W Roscoe 02/06/2023

One-day closure of N Clark from W Newport to W Buckingham and W Roscoe from N Sheffield to east of the CTA tracks with work hours 4am-8pm for track structure concrete placement. Download Document

Overnight work W Bryn Mawr at CTA tracks 02/06/2023

Traffic lane shifts east and west of W Bryn Mawr with flagger assistance during overnight work hours 8pm-6am thru Feb. 10 for bracket installation. Download Document

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Note: The above includes only Construction Activity Notices related to the RPM Program as an added courtesy during the program, and does not include those related to regular maintenance to our structure or tracks, even in the area of where RPM work is taking place. Other types of Construction Activity Notices are distributed locally, only.