Utility relocation and property demolition work

Property demolition and advance utility relocation work

Update: April 2019

In 2018, we began the pre-construction phase of Red and Purple Line Modernization (RPM) Phase One, which includes property demolition and relocation of utility lines and equipment. It’s necessary to complete this work before we can begin the Phase One work, which will include rebuilding four Red Line stations (Lawrence, Argyle, Berwyn and Bryn Mawr and adjacent track structure as well as constructing a new Red-Purple Bypass (RPB) north of Belmont station. The major construction work for Phase One is tentatively expected to begin in late 2019 and be completed in 2025.

New: Addison track improvement work completed April 1, 2019

As part of our ongoing investment to improve rail service, the CTA completed track improvements on the Red Line at Addison that eliminated slow zones and minimize the potential for existing track conditions to evolve into future slow zones during RPM Phase One construction. The Addison work began March 8 and was completed April 1, ahead of the Cubs home opener on April 8. The track improvements near Addison provide smoother rides by replacing aging track equipment, improving service reliability over the long term. For more information, click on the link below to see our informational flyers.

Property demolition

To modernize our rail infrastructure under RPM Phase One, we determined that we needed to acquire a small number of properties so we could build and stage construction equipment. While some properties we’ve purchased will be locations for future rail infrastructure, others will be available for development after construction is completed.

Beginning in Spring 2018, we began pre-construction work associated with the Red-Purple Bypass project. Demolition is now substantially complete.

Additional details and maps outlining demolition work are available for download:

PDFRed-Purple Bypass project area spring demolition

PDFRed-Purple Bypass project area fall demolition

PDFLawrence to Bryn Mawr project area fall demolition 


Advance utility relocation work

To build modern stations and track structures that will provide better service to our customers, we need to relocate utility poles and wires near our tracks from overhead to underground so that the ‘L’ tracks can be rebuilt and new, larger and stations can be constructed.

We’ve begun the relocation of utility equipment, working with ComEd, AT&T and other utility service providers in both the Red-Purple Bypass (RPB) and the Lawrence to Bryn Mawr Modernization (LBMM) project areas.

Leading up to and during this work, we have been conducting extensive outreach and working closely with neighbors, business owners, and community groups to advise of upcoming work and what to expect. The impacts to the community will include occasional temporary alley and street/lane closures, and we’re providing notice to local communities as the work occurs.

All utility relocation work is expected to be completed in the second half of 2019.

Additional details and maps outlining pre-construction work, including the presentation from the April 18, 2018 community meeting are available for download:

PDFLBMM community meeting presentation - 04/18/18
PDFRPB community meeting presentation – 02/15/18
PDFLBMM pre-construction utility relocation work
PDFRPB pre-construction utility relocation work

Construction activity notices (CANs)

As we work hard to modernize the system for our riders, we know that our construction can and does affect people who live and work nearby. This is why we provide advanced notice to communities in the RPM project footprint about work that we will be doing. Construction Activity Notices (CANs) that we have issued for RPM Phase One work can be found here (scroll down the page). They are also emailed to affected residents and businesses and physically posted in work site areas.


Latest News

Utility work Winthrop and Ainslie alleys 05/20/2019

Utility work will include ComEd trucks on Ainslie and adjacent alleys. Download Document

Underground utility work 1100 to 1110 W Berwyn 05/19/2019

Utility work will close the north sidewalk at 1100 and 1110 W Berwyn. Download Document

Utility work 4658-4752 N Winthrop 1104-1126 W Lawrence 05/18/2019

Utility work will require occasional alley closures west of Winthrop, restricting access to garages and parking. Download Document

RPM soil boring work in alley west of 5000-5099 W Winthrop 05/17/2019

Soil boring work will require closure of the alley west of Winthrop between Argyle and Winona. Download Document

RPM soil boring work 4800-4899 N Winthrop alley 05/15/2019

Soil boring work in the alley west of Winthrop between Lawrence and Ainslie will require closure of the alley during the work period. Download Document

Soil boring work in alley east of 3501-3549 N Sheffield 05/14/2019

Soil boring work for the RPM project will require an alley closure during the work period and restricted access to parking and garages in the alley. Download Document

Soil boring work in alley e of 3501-3549 N Sheffield 05/14/2019

The alley will close during the work period for soil boring work. Garbage and recycling pickup will be maintained by the contractor. Download Document

Peoples Gas utility work on 3313 to 3369 N Clark 05/13/2019

Utility work will require some parking restrictions, sidewalk closures and traffic lane shifts on Clark.​ Download Document

Utility cable pulling work Winona and Winthrop 05/13/2019

Utility cable pulling work will be performed and will include truck traffic. Download Document

Utility work at 1009 to 1113 W Bryn Mawr 05/13/2019

Street parking on Bryn Mawr will be temporarily unavailable between 1100 and 1200 W Bryn Mawr during the work period. Download Document

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Note: The above includes only Construction Activity Notices related to the RPM Program as an added courtesy during the program, and does not include those related to regular maintenance to our structure or tracks, even in the area of where RPM work is taking place. Other types of Construction Activity Notices are distributed locally, only.