Red Ahead: Red & Purple Modernization

Workforce opportunities

Get access to training, apprenticeships and more thru RPM that can build careers. 

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Here's how to get started

RPM project is providing training, apprenticeships and more that can build careers

CTA’s RPM project may physically take place in one part of the city, but its impact spans the entire metropolitan area, and goes beyond improving public transit for Chicagoans. 

Through RPM, we have  created a unique workforce development and opportunity program that connects motivated individuals to training, education, and labor apprenticeships that ultimately led to work on construction projects including RPM. This opportunity is open to everyone.

We have partnered with two notable workforce agencies to help recruit people who want to work, with outreach to Chicago’s most economically disadvantage zip codes. 

To get started, contact our partners here:



Meet our first CTA RPM Elevating Futures Scholarship winners!


Watch the video and read our press release. Congratulations, Jasmine, George and Jorge!

How to reach us

For workforce-related inquiries, please email us at

Construction trade union partners training and apprentice opportunities

NOTE:  The section provides information on the application availability, training and skills necessary to succeed in the apprenticeship programs offered by construction trade unions. We will update this page regularly as we bring on new partners and provide updates on where and when to learn more about how to be a part of RPM.

Workforce community partners

NOTE:  The section provides information on a variety of workforce assist agency partners that will provide pre-apprentice training to interested applicants with gaining entry into the construction trades, potentially leading to employment on RPM.

RPM Phase One: CTA’s workforce goals

We are committed to creating opportunity through training and jobs throughout the RPM Phase One project. To that end, we have set the following participation goals:

  • Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Goal: 10% of total labor hours. WIOA is a dislocated worker program that offers employment and training services in the construction trades for eligible workers who are currently unemployed. 
  • RPM Apprentice Goal: 15% of total labor hours
  • Economically Disadvantaged Area Goal: 35% of total labor hours. The creation of the economically disadvantaged area goal will create opportunities for individuals in zip codes where the median income is less than $40,000. See if your zip code qualifies.