New Wilson station entrance

Completed Station Projects

Over the past several years, we've completed a wide range of station-related improvements across the 'L' system, including a variety renovations, renewals across the system and even the opening of new or fully reconstructed stations.

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Most recent projects

Visit these pages detailing the work done in these more recent station projects:

Older projects

These projects are summarized, below:

Addison, Irving Park, Montrose, Harlem and Cumberland Renovations

This $43 million station modernization effort was the second phase of the Your New Blue program that included the rehabilitation of the Addison, Irving Park, Montrose, Harlem and Cumberland stations. The renovations also included the installation of an elevator at the Addison station to make it accessible to people with disabilities.

Improvements in these five stations included various upgrades to passenger facilities, including a variety of platform and canopy upgrades, renovated platform furniture (such as benches or windbreakers), improvements to facility features and infrastructure such as railings, lighting, canopies, and more.

Recently-renovated Montrose in 2017
Photo: Montrose, as seen in late 2017 after its renovation

More: Mayor Emanuel, CTA Announce the Completed Renovation of Five Blue Line Stations as part of the Your New Blue O’Hare Branch Modernization Program (11/18/2016)


Damen, Western & California Station Rehabilitations

As part of the ongoing $492 million Your New Blue program, the Damen, Western and California stations on Milwaukee Elevated portion of the O'Hare Branch of the Blue Line received rehabilitation and improvement work.

At Damen and Califorinia, each opened in the 1890s, the renovation work included restoration of masonry walls of the historic station buildings and canopies, new roofing, new architectural lighting, a more open layout for improved passenger flow, new and better signage, replacement of wood flooring with granite, renewed interior finishes, improved lighting, new agents booths, and much more.

The Western station, rebuilt in 2001, though already a modern facility in good repair included improvements to the station entry area, repainting, upgrades to auxiliary entrance/exit, upgraded utilities in the facility and other maintenance work.

California Station Improvements (9/17/2014)

Get details on each station's improvmeents in our site's section about the Your New Blue program.


Harrison Station Rehabilitation

In 2014, the Harrison station in the State Street Subway was rehabbed to revitalize the station’s look and feel. The station originally opened in 1943 with the rest of the State Street Subway, which is now served by Red Line trains.

The station received new main entrance canopies, an improved entry turnstile and attendant’s booth layout, repair and repainting of platform ceilings and subway tube walls, new granite flooring and ceramic tiling in the main entrance, as well as new security cameras, public address systems, water mitigation systems and more.

Harrison Main Entrance Reopens

Mayor Emanuel and CTA Unveil Revitalized Harrison Red Line Station Following $10 Million Rehabilitation Project (8/13/2014)


Loyola Station Renovation

In 2013, work was finished on a renovated Loyola station by CTA, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and Loyola University.

The project helped stabilize existing infrastructure, upgrade the existing station and redirected pedestrian traffic away from the mid-block Sheridan Road crossing in front of the station for improved safety. The main entrance was relocated slightly north, along the embankment, to allow for a new pedestrian plaza and a more inviting path in and out of the station, with better visibility.

The project upgraded Loyola station with a bright, new ground-level station house with safer, more convenient access from the new plaza north of the station, as well as from Loyola Avenue on the west side of the station.

Loyola Station Renovation

More: Mayor Emanuel, Sen. Durbin, Rep. Schakowsky Unveil Revitalized CTA Loyola Red Line Station, Community Plaza (11/8/2013)


Red Line South Station Improvements

During the Red Line South Reconstruction Project (which consisted of a complete reconstruction of the tracks from near Cermak-Chinatown to 95th/Dan Ryan on the Dan Ryan Branch—the south branch—of the Red Line), we also made a variety of station improvements, including the addition of elevators at Garfield, 63rd and 87th (making the entire Red Line through the South Side accessible to people with disabilities).

All eight stations from Cermak-Chinatown through 87th were cleaned, repainted, new lighting was installed throughout, and stations received a variety of improvements to amenities. (Work to renovate the 95th/Dan Ryan station and its bus terminal areas is a separate project and is currently underway.)

Red Line South Reopening Day

More: Mayor Emanuel, Governor Quinn Unveil CTA’s New Red Line South (10/17/2013)


Morgan Station Added

In 2014, we opened a new Morgan station on the Lake Street ‘L’, served by Green & Pink Line trains, providing easy access to the booming West Loop area, with direct transit service to/from the Loop, Oak Park and parts of Chicago’s West and South Sides.

Located at the intersection of Morgan/Lake, construction of the station filled a nearly 1.5-mile gap in service between the Ashland and Clinton stations along the Lake Street ‘L’. Trains began serving the new station on May 18, 2012, making it the newest service stop along the CTA rail system since 1994. 

The $38 million station was constructed by the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) and funded with local tax-increment financing (TIF) and by a grant from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT).


More: Mayor Emanuel Announces Morgan Station is Open for Green & Pink Lines (5/24/2012)


Oakton-Skokie Station Added

A new station was constructed in Skokie at Oakton Street and Skokie Blvd., on the Yellow Line, which opened on April 30, 2012.

The station was the first new stop added since the route opened by CTA in 1964 as the “Skokie Swift” and will provide easy rapid transit access to downtown Skokie and the Illinois Science + Technology Park.

The project is being managed by the Village of Skokie with grant funding provided by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT).


More: Oakton Station on the Yellow Line Now Open (4/30/2012)


Red North Station Interim Improvements

In 2012, we completed the process of tackling some much-needed capital maintenance work at seven rail stations along the north branch of the Red Line. 

The stations targeted as part of this project (Jarvis, Morse, Granville, Thorndale, Berwyn, Argyle and Lawrence) are some of the oldest on the system, with most being built in the early 1900s and in need of being rebuilt from the ground up.

This interim improvement project allowed us to make the capital repairs necessary to ensure we are good stewards of the infrastructure we have now, while we continue to plan for the future and pursue projects to rebuild and renew stations on this line, such as those which will be renovated during the Red & Purple Modernization Project (RPM).

In general, project work at these stations included: viaduct repairs, platform repairs or replacement, station water proofing, lighting improvements and new station house finishes (i.e. floors, doors, windows and lighting).

Jarvis - Reopening Night


Roosevelt Elevated Station New Auxiliary Entrance

In 2012, we renovated the auxiliary exit at the Roosevelt Orange/Green lines station and made it into an auxiliary entrance, providing a more convenient transfer between buses and trains, and new amenities for everyone who uses the station.

The south entrance has a bright, new building equipped with High-Barrier Gate turnstiles, new lighting, and new signage. This improvement will allow customers to transfer from buses eastbound on Roosevelt Road directly to the elevated station without needing to cross Roosevelt Road, as well as provide more convenient access for residents of the South Loop.

Roosevelt Auxiliary Entrance


Grand (State Street Subway) Station Renovation

Until this project, the Grand station on today’s Red Line remained largely in its original state from when it opened in 1943. One of several subway stations renovated in the modern era by the Chicago Department of Transportation, the Grand station underwent a complete renovation while remaining open through most of the project and was unveiled on January 17, 2012.

Among the many improvements made during the renovation, the station was made accessible to people with disabilities by adding elevators to the street and each platform, the mezzanine-level entry area was greatly expanded and a number of station environment improvements were made, including new stairs, escalators, flooring and wall tiles (replaced new styles similar from other modern renovations of State Street Subway stations), the addition of new mosaics over the mezzanine and platform areas and new signage, lighting, security cameras and public address systems. 

Grand, Reopening (Red Line)

More: Mayor Emanuel Opens Newly-Renovated Grand Avenue Red Line Station (1/17/2012 City of Chicago press release)


Station Renewal Program

In 2011, a Station Renewal Program began with Renew Crew visits to 100 stations in just one year to do major improvement works to stations’ environments as needed for each station.

Instead of doing singular, ad-hoc repairs, Renew Crews banded different trades’ services together to tackle a variety of tasks at once, leading to big improvements with added efficiencies.

Depending on the needs of a station, we did work like power-washing walls, floors, stairs, ceilings and elevators, repainted painted surfaces, improved or even replaced lighting, removed graffiti, cleaned gutters and drains, replace outdated or damaged signage, repaired or replaced concrete and more.

Example photo: Logan Square after renewal work


North/Clybourn Station Renovation

Through a partnership between CTA and Apple, the North/Clybourn station (opened 1943) was renovated in 2010 to provide new amenities and a more pleasant experience for everyone who uses the station.

Our agreement with Apple provided $3.9 million to undertake the improvement work and included improvements inside and outside the station, including a renovated station house (inside and out, including lighting, flooring, more turnstiles, brick masonry façade, a new attendant’s kiosk, signage and more) as well as platform improvements like new lighting, repainting and new benches.

North/Clybourn Entry