Karen Seimetz Appointed CTA’s General Counsel

November 10, 2010

The Chicago Transit Board today approved the appointment of Karen Seimetz as General Counsel. Seimetz currently serves as First Assistant Corporation Counsel for the City of Chicago.

“Ms. Seimetz has long history of government service and a successful record on many levels throughout the legal system,” said Chicago Transit Board Chairman Terry Peterson. “The Chicago Transit Authority is pleased to add Ms. Seimetz as General Counsel to manage the legal affairs of the organization.”
“Managing the day to day operations of the City’s Law Department has provided her experience with a variety of legal disciplines and that knowledge will be a tremendous benefit for the CTA,” said President Richard L. Rodriguez. “Her familiarity with local, state and federal governments and her leadership abilities will be an asset to CTA’s law departments and operations.”
As General Counsel, Ms. Seimetz will manage and direct the activities of the General Attorney Division related to contracts or agreements to be entered into by the CTA; provide legal counsel to the Chairman and President; and meet with officials from local and state governmental agencies involving matters and legislation affecting the CTA.
Since 1996, Seimetz has represented the City of Chicago in various legal capacities and divisions. Seimetz helped establish diversity requirements and managed hundreds of attorneys under her department.
Ms. Seimetz also has experience in the private sector with cases before both state and federal courts.
Ms. Seimetz graduated magna cum laude from the University of Illinois Law School, and has a Bachelor of Science from University Illinois College of Business. Ms. Seimetz is a member of several professional groups and boards, including the City of Chicago Noncompetitive Review Board and the Cook County Criminal Justice Coordinating Counsel.
Ms. Seimetz begins with CTA December 1.
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