November 1, 1999

Chicago Transit Board Chairman Valerie B. Jarrett, CTA President Frank Kruesi, FTD.COM President/CEO Mike Soenen, and FTD.COM Vice-President of Marketing Bill Van Cleave today unveiled FTD.COM advertisements at the O'Hare Blue Line Station as the first of the CTA's Station Blitz sites.

Station Blitz is a new CTA advertising program where all traditional and some rather unconventional rail station advertising space is rented to a single advertiser. As part of this program, graphics can be hung as ceiling and wall banners, laid on the floor, and wrapped around pillars at approved areas throughout a station. The materials used are all safety-approved removable vinyl products produced by the 3M Company.

CTA Chairman Valerie B. Jarrett said, "This marks the first time that the CTA has participated in this type of advertising, and we are very pleased to kick off this venture with a Chicagoland company, FTD.COM. As ridership on the CTA system continues to grow, advertising on trains, buses, and in our rail stations is an increasingly effective means for advertisers to reach the people of Chicagoland. These programs have become an important means of generating much needed revenue for the CTA."

"Partnered with the wrapping of trains and buses and the use of farecards as ad space, Station Blitz is another unique way for an advertiser to reach CTA customers. The revenue this creative advertising generates will benefit our customers in the long run. We?re very pleased to have high-quality advertisers like FTD.COM partner with the CTA," added CTA President Frank Kruesi.

The O'Hare Station on the Blue Line will blitzed by FTD.COM through the month of November. Ads from DeBeers Diamonds will occupy the spaces starting in December.

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