August 6, 1999

Extra CTA buses will serve football fans attending the pre-season game at Soldier Field Saturday, August 7, between the Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts. The same service will be available for another pre-season game against the St. Louis Rams Saturday, August 21.

Soldier Field can also be reached from stations at Roosevelt on the Red, Green and Orange Lines between State and Wabash. From there, riders can transfer to #12 Roosevelt buses or walk east on Roosevelt through the Museum Campus to Soldier Field.

Beginning two hours before the 7 p.m. kickoff Saturday, extra buses on the #146 Marine/Michigan route to Soldier Field will supplement regular service southbound on State from Kinzie. The buses will go south on State to Roosevelt, and then east to Columbus and McFetridge at the north end of Soldier Field.

Also heading to Soldier Field will be buses on CTA's #128 Soldier Field Express route serving the two Metra stations west of the Loop. Riders can board Soldier Field Express buses from the Ogilvie Transportation Center (formerly NorthWestern Station) westbound on Madison between Canal and Clinton.

#128 buses starting their trips from Union Station will await riders in the reverse-flow bus lane southbound on Canal between Adams and Jackson. The buses will then run express via Jackson, Clark and Roosevelt to Soldier Field.

After the game, extra buses on the #128 route will await riders on McFetridge Drive for express trips back to Union Station and Ogilvie Center. Shuttle buses on the #146 route will return to State Street downtown, where riders can transfer to other buses or to 'L' service to complete their trips. Other #146 buses will proceed north over the regular evening route via State, North Michigan, inner Lake Shore, Stockton, Sheridan and Marine to the Berwyn Red Line 'L' station.

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