March 23, 2000

The Chicago Transit Authority has begun using an innovative new tool to recruit qualified employees. During the next thirty days, the CTA will be posting up to thirty different positions in a variety of entry-level and professional fields on a premier Internet recruitment site, jobs.com. Hundreds of thousands of candidates are expected to search the numerous jobs.com listings during this Live Interactive Career Fair.

CTA employment opportunities including those in engineering, management information systems (MIS), finance, and operations can be found by linking to ?job seekers? after accessing the jobs.com website. Interested candidates can then forward their resumes to the CTA via e-mail.

"This is a tremendous opportunity for the CTA to recruit qualified candidates who may not otherwise have the time to attend on-site career fairs. We are working hard to deliver innovative and comprehensive solutions to filling our job vacancies with highly skilled professionals," said CTA President Frank Kruesi.

Traditionally, the CTA has recruited new employees through newspapers, trade journals, magazines, and area college fairs. In the last year, postings have also appeared on the CTA's website, www.transitchicago.com. In addition to the increased Internet exposure that the jobs.com on-line job fair will provide, these other methods will continue to be utilized.

According to Joyce Coleman, CTA Vice-President of Employee Services, "To keep pace in an increasingly competitive market, the CTA needs to employ new initiatives to hire and retain the best people. On-line job fairs and other new and ground-breaking recruiting methods go beyond the boundaries of traditional hiring and staffing."

The CTA will be hosting a traditional job fair later this spring. Details will follow as they become available.

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