June 28, 2001

CTA PROVIDES TASTE OF CHICAGO VISITORS WITH EXTRA BUS AND RAIL SERVICE JUNE 29 ?JULY 8 Visitors to the Taste of Chicago Festival in Grant Park Friday, June 29, through Sunday, July 8, will find CTA service the most effective way to travel. Longer 'L' trains will operate into the Loop until late every evening, and extra buses will be available toward the close of each evening's activities to carry riders home.

More extensive service will be available on Tuesday evening, July 3, for spectators attending the fireworks display in Grant Park. All customers heading for Taste and the fireworks are encouraged to purchase Transit Cards in advance so they can speed their trips in and out of the downtown area.

Extra Service for the Taste of Chicago:

Rail ServiceAdditional Customer Assistants will be on duty at Loop stations to help customers with fares and travel information.

Travel assistance will also be offered at a mobile CTA information facility on Jackson just east of Michigan, where CTA personnel will sell Transit Cards valued at $1.50 (single ride) and $1.80 (ride with transfer), as well as 1, 2, 3, and 5-Day Visitor Passes.

Blue/Brown/Green/Orange/Red Lines Longer trains will operate on each of these lines until late each evening.

Yellow Line Yellow Line Trains will also operate later than usual, until 11:30 p.m. from Howard, where connections can be made with Red Line trains serving the State Street subway downtown.

Yellow Line service will also operate on weekends and July 4th, starting at 9:30 a.m. through 11:30 p.m.

Customers who choose to drive part of the way and use the CTA to complete their trips downtown, can park at any of our Park and Ride parking lots. All lots are open 24 hours. To locate a Park and Ride lot, visit our website at www.transitchicago.com or call RTA Travel Information at 836-7000 from any local area code.

Bus Service All buses that regularly use Columbus Drive north of Roosevelt will be detoured to Michigan between Balbo and Roosevelt throughout the Taste of Chicago.

As Taste activities wind down each evening, extra buses will await riders for trips away from the downtown area at the following locations:

#3 King Drive and #4 Cottage Grove buses will be staged southbound on Michigan at Van Buren.

#6 Jeffery Express buses, which operate from downtown until 12:30 a.m. nightly, and #62 Archer buses, operating at all times, may be boarded southbound on State.

#20 Madison and #56 Milwaukee buses will await riders on Madison at State.

#60 Blue Island/26thand #126 Jackson buses will wait on Adams at State.

#151 Sheridan buses may be boarded northbound on State at Adams.

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