July 11, 2001

The Chicago Transit Board at its monthly meeting approved an ordinance to modify the University of Chicago bus service. This action would extend the hours of service on one route and change the routing of two other routes.

Chicago Transit Authority President Frank Kruesi said, "The success of the University of Chicago bus service that we competitively bid on and won is an excellent example of the level of quality transit services the CTA provides. The U of C community and the neighborhood residents have embraced this service and we're pleased to be able to work with the University to modify the service to better meet the needs of our customers."

The service changes that will go into effect on Sunday, September 2, 2001 include:

# 171 U of C- Hyde Park

Bus service will be extended on Saturdays during the academic year from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

#172 U of C - Kenwood

The northern portion of this route will be rerouted to operate via Cornell, 50th Street, South Shore and E. Hyde Park Boulevard in order for CTA buses to more easily negotiate turns in the area.

#173 U of C - Lakeview Express

The southbound service will be rerouted to exit Lake Shore Drive at Oak Street instead of Ontario to provide service to North Michigan Avenue and to operate on Hyde Park Boulevard instead of Lake Park from 51st to 56th Streets in order to better serve the U of C students living east of Lake Park.

The northbound and southbound service will be rerouted to operate on Columbus, instead of Lake Shore Drive between Roosevelt and Balbo to provide service to the Museum Campus.

The University of Chicago will subsidize the additional cost of $2,400 to extend the hours of the #171 route on Saturdays. No extra costs are expected with the routing changes of the #172 and #173 service.

In September 2000, the CTA Board approved a contract with the University of Chicago to begin operating four bus routes that serve the university campus, the residents of Chicago's South Side communities, and Lake View on the North Side.

President Kruesi said, "The ridership on the U of C routes has demonstrated a steady increase since the introduction of the service last year. This service is a benefit to the University community and to the area residents.I am pleased that we are able to attract more customers to our transit system and provide them with on-time, clean, safe and friendly service."

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