January 12, 2000

CTA will detour Red Line trains away from the State Street subway from midnight to 9.a.m. on Sundays, starting January 16, for work on an automatic train signaling system. The detour will continue through late fall so CTA crews can complete the signal work and perform intensive cleaning at subway stations.

Click on the link to view the Red Line detour map.

While the subway is closed, Red Line trains will operate between the Fullerton and Cermak-Chinatown stations on elevated tracks normally used by Brown and Orange Line trains. Shuttle buses will serve customers connecting to Red Line trains from stations at North/Clybourn, Clark/Division, Chicago/State and Grand/State. The buses will operate between Fullerton and Clark/Lake.

The block signaling system currently used in the State Street subway is a traffic signal that limits the distance a train can proceed before it must stop for a train ahead. If the operator fails to stop the train when the signal requires, a tripping mechanism applies the brakes automatically. In use since the subway was opened in1943, this system is being replaced by automatic train control, which transmits signals directly to the operator's cab. If the operator fails to slow or stop the train within seconds, the system stops the train automatically.

In March, CTA will take the opportunity of the subway closing to begin rodding sewers and drains, and provide an intensive power washing of subway walls and stations. Among the areas being targeted are acoustical tile, walls, columns, platforms, stairs and mezzanines.

During the Sunday morning subway closings, southbound Red Line trains leaving Fullerton will stop only at Chicago/Franklin before entering the Loop at Lake Street. They will then stop at all stations on the Lake and Wabash sides of the Loop and make a final stop at Roosevelt/Wabash before returning to the Red Line at Cermak. Northbound trains will make the same stops in reverse order.

'L' stations on Wabash or Lake are only a short distance from Red Line subway stops downtown. The Madison/Wabash station, normally closed on Sundays, will be open during this period. Persons with disabilities will be able to board Red Line trains downtown at the accessible Clark/Lake 'L' station, where all customers can make free connections to other 'L' lines serving the Loop.

For details about all CTA service, call 836-7000 (all local area codes).

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