November 29, 2000
CTA customers and their families will have the opportunity to share the excitement of the holiday season as CTA's festively decorated Holiday Train makes trips along six 'L' lines every Saturday through December 23.

Decorated by CTA Rail Operations employees, the train has thousands of lights and holiday ornaments both inside and outside, and a sound system playing seasonal songs. The train will make regular stops on whichever line it is operating each Saturday, and customers are welcome to ride in any of the six passenger cars. A flatcar carrying Santa on board a sleigh will be reserved for his use only.

On Saturday, December 2, the Holiday train is scheduled to operate on the Blue Line, first from Rosemont to Forest Park, and then between Forest Park and O'Hare, as follows:

O'Hare 5:23 p.m.Forest Park3:36 p.m.7:14 p.m.
Rosemont1:58 p.m.5:29 p.m.Cicero3:46 p.m.7:24 p.m.
Logan Sq.2:21 p.m.5:51 p.m.Medical Ctr.3:54 p.m.7:32 p.m.
Clark/Lake2:36 p.m.6:06 p.m.Jackson4:04 p.m.7:42 p.m.
Medical Ctr.2:49 p.m.6:19 p.m.Logan Sq.4:22 p.m.8:00 p.m.
Cicero2:58 p.m.6:28 p.m.Jefferson Pk.4:34 p.m.8:12 p.m.
Forest Park3:07 p.m.6:37 p.m.O'Hare4:50 p.m.8:28 p.m.

On Saturday, December 9, the train will operate on the Red and Purple Lines:

Linden 5:00 p.m.95th Street2:58 p.m.6:57 p.m.
Howard1:20 p.m.5:18 p.m.Garfiled3:10 p.m.7:09 p.m.
Wilson1:37 p.m.5:35 p.m.Cermak3:20 p.m.7:19 p.m.
Fullerton1:48 p.m.5:46 p.m.Jackson3:26 p.m.7:25 p.m.
Grand1:57 p.m.5:55 p.m.Fullerton3:39 p.m.7:38 p.m.
Cermak2:07 p.m.6:05 p.m.Wilson3:49 p.m.7:47 p.m.
Garfield2:15 p.m.6:13 p.m.   
95th Street2:29 p.m.6:27 p.m.Howard4:05 p.m.8:03 p.m.
   Linden4:28 p.m. 

The Holiday Train will operate on December 16 and 23 according to the following:

On Saturday, December 16, the Holiday Train will serve the Green Line, with the first trip operating from Harlem to Ashland/63rd, and the second from Harlem to East 63rd/Cottage Grove:

   Cottage Grove 6:57 p.m.
Harlem2:11 p.m.5:21 p.m.Ashland/63rd3:40 p.m. 
Cicero2:22 p.m.5:32 p.m.47th Street3:56 p.m.7:08 p.m.
Clark/Lake2:36 p.m.5:46 p.m.Roosevelt4:07 p.m.7:19 p.m.
Roosevelt2:47 p.m.5:57 p.m.Clark/Lake4:18 p.m.7:30 p.m.
47th2:58 p.m.6:08 p.m.Cicero4:32 p.m.7:44 p.m.
Ashland/63rd3:11 p.m. Harlem4:44 p.m.7:57 p.m.
Cottage Grove 6:19 p.m.   

On Saturday, December 23, the Holiday Train will serve both the Orange and Brown Lines, operating through the Loop along Wabash and Lake, according to the following schedule:

Midway1:58 p.m.5:38 p.m.Kimball3:45 p.m.7:29 p.m.
Western2:08 p.m.5:48 p.m.Irving Park3:55 p.m.7:39 p.m.
Halsted2:19 p.m.5:59 p.m.Fullerton4:07 p.m.7:51 p.m.
Adams/Wab2:29 p.m.6:09 p.m.Clark/Lake4:21 p.m.8:06 p.m.
Fullerton2:48 p.m.6:28 p.m.Halsted4:40 p.m.8:25 p.m.
Irving Park3:00 p.m.6:40 p.m.Western4:51 p.m.8:36 p.m.
Kimball3:10 p.m.6:50 p.m.Midway5:01 p.m.8:46 p.m.

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