April 19, 2000

Buses on two CTA routes that had been detoured onto State Street during construction on Michigan Avenue returned to their former downtown routing Wednesday as new construction began on Adams just west of State.

CTA's #60 Blue Island/26th buses arriving downtown from the west will now remain on Jackson east to Michigan, go north to Wacker, and east to Columbus on their way to the terminal at Randolph and Harbor Drives. Due to ongoing construction, buses will not stop on Michigan between Adams and Randolph in either direction.

Outbound #60 buses will return to Michigan at Wacker and operate south to Adams before turning west on Adams and continuing over the regular route. The buses will stop on Adams east of Wabash and east of State. The first stop after State will be at Clark.

CTA's #151 Sheridan buses to Union Station will now remain on Michigan south to Adams and go west over the regular route to Canal. #151 Sheridan buses to Congress will also stay on Michigan instead of turning west to State at Wacker.

The reopening of Washington at Michigan will allow #151 buses outbound from both Union Station and Congress to return to their previous routing north on State to Washington, and east on Washington to Michigan. #151 buses will stop on Washington east of Wabash before entering Michigan and making their next stop on the north side of Randolph.

(See the attached map for details.) For information about all routes and schedules, call 836-7000 (all local area codes).

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