August 9, 2001
CTA's #3 King Drive buses and five routes that cross King Drive between 35th Street and Garfield Boulevard will be detoured Saturday, August 11, for the annual Bud Billiken Parade. The parade will start at 10 a.m. and proceed south on King Drive from 35th to 51st before disbanding in Washington Park.

#3 King Drive buses will operate around the parade area northbound via 61st, Indiana and 31st back to King. Southbound buses will operate off King via 31st, Michigan and 61st before returning to King.

The #28 Stony Island route will be divided into two segments, with buses from 103rd operating west on 47th only to Vincennes before turning back for trips east and south. Buses serving the terminal at 47th and the Red Line will operate as a shuttle to 47th/Prairie before turning back west. Customers can use a free transfer to connect between both segments by crossing King Drive.

The #43 43rd route will also be divided into two segments, with buses from the east end of the route running only to Forrestville, and buses from the west serving stops east to Calumet before turning back the way they came.

#47 47th buses will operate east to Prairie before turning back west over the regular route.

The #51 51st route will be split into two segments, with buses from the east operating on Hyde Park Boulevard only to Drexel Square, and buses from the west going east on 51st to Calumet before turning back in the other direction.

#55 Garfield buses will operate around the parade area, detouring from Garfield eastbound via Michigan, 61st and Cottage Grove to 55th. Westbound buses will turn off 55th at Cottage Grove, go south to 60th, west to Indiana, and north to Garfield.

To serve spectators attending the parade, extra Customer Assistants will be on duty at Green Line stations adjacent to the parade route at 43rd, 47th, 51st and Garfield.

For details about all CTA service, call 836-7000 (all local area codes).

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