Riders passing through the Ogden entrance of IMD are welcome by two ceramic tile murals known as Vista and Beach, respectively.

Jason Messinger
Hand-rolled, carved Black Ice porcelain
2018, Arts in Transit

Vacation is a series of five hand-built and hand-carved black porcelain ceramic tile murals, in all three IMD stationhouses, that gives CTA riders a visual journey through vistas of vacation-like imagery. Vacation is the artist’s attempt to transport riders for a few moments into a momentary joyful reverie from their routines and concerns. 

Each mural is designed with the surface hand-carved with fluid lines filled with brightly colored glazes. Designs are influenced by the natural world, but abstracted. Each of the five murals in the three stationhouses have their own color palette and design theme, while remaining visually related in design and materials.

Jason explores the boundary between identity and abstraction, and re-imagines the world into patterns and diagrams of movement and color, light and gesture. Based in Chicago, Messinger has artwork placed in private, corporate, and public collections throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and in Australia.

The Paulina entrance to IMD feature the ceramic mural known as Garden.

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