Adriana Amador, Zac Mascarenas,
Amaya Orellano, Emi Stearn, Isaac Tellez

Digital prints
2015, Adopt-A-Station

Five panels displayed in the Jackson station were created by student artists of Marwen, a program providing free arts education, college and career counseling to disadvantaged Chicago youth since 1990. Placed within the subway tunnel, the artworks communicate a striking and delightful contrast with the Depression-era utilitarian environment of steel, concrete and ceramic tile.

Marwen youth come from 55 of Chicago’s 57 zip codes. The #ThisIsMarwen program aims to call attention to the talent and diversity of these students by displaying their artwork in each of the zip codes where Marwen youth reside. The five artworks at Jackson station represent 60604, the zip code which the station is located.

Photo of art by Adriana Amador


Photo of art by Zac Mascarenas


Photo of art by Amaya Orellano


Photo of art by Emi Stearn


Photo of art by Isaac Tellez

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