October 4, 2000

The Chicago Transit Board at its monthly meeting today approved a contract resulting from an intergovernmental agreement with the Chicago Department of Environment (CDOE) to replace existing lighting with energy-efficient systems at six CTA facilities. The program is expected to provide energy savings for the CTA amounting to $100,000 annually.

?This environmentally friendly initiative by the CTA and the city will help modernize our facilities, resulting in reduced energy costs and lower power consumption," said CTA Chairman Valerie B. Jarrett. "We greatly appreciate the city's support for this energy-saving program that will also provide an improved work environment for our employees."

Energy audits have been completed at the six CTA facilities where the program will be implemented. The sites include three CTA bus garages and three rail maintenance shops. The improvements will focus on replacing existing lighting with systems that are more energy efficient and provide better lighting.

The CTA will use a grant from the Chicago Department of Environment to pay for a competitively-bid contract valued at $486,000 with the U.S. Electric Company, of Lombard, to carry out the energy-saving program. The work is scheduled to be completed in three months.

The grant will include funding for the purchase of two 100-kilowatt portable emergency generators for use at 'L' stations in case of power failures. The anticipated $100,000 in savings from the program will be rolled back for the first two years into funding additional energy audits at other CTA facilities.

CTA President Frank Kruesi said, "The savings we achieve through this energy-efficient initiative will allow us to make future improvements in lighting at stations and other areas that will benefit customers. This program is an example of collaboration between the city and the CTA, which results in better operations and efficient use of taxpayer dollars."

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