Ventra Performance Update

November 22, 2013
On November 5, CTA announced new measures of accountability for Ventra’s contractor, Cubic Transportation Systems.  CTA has been closely monitoring the contractor’s performance in a number of areas—especially functions that directly affect customers.
This report is a summary of many of those performance areas.  Overall, there has been improvement in nearly every performance area since 11/5.  And while many performance standards are currently or close to being met, there is much more progress required.
Some highlights of the Ventra data from 11/22:
  • More than 63 percent of CTA rides are via Ventra.  Every day, hundreds of thousands of riders use Ventra.
  • Call Center performance has improved, but more improvements and better performance is needed.
  • Rail tap times are meeting most performance standards, but improvement is needed.  Software upgrades installed over the past two weeks have reduced tap times.
  • Bus tap times are well below performance standards.  The same software upgrade already in place on rail has shown improvement on the initial 50,000 transactions, and the upgrade is being rolled out to all buses.
Note that the data included in this report is just a starting point.  In future reports, CTA will expand and further hone the data in our ongoing efforts to provide a complete picture about the ongoing progress of the Ventra rollout.

Report here. (PDF)

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