Two CTA Employees Honored at Chicago Transit Board Meeting

June 14, 2006

The Chicago Transit Board honored two Chicago Transit Authority employees with the Spirit of Chicago award at its monthly meeting today. The award is given to Chicago Transit Authority employees in recognition of exemplary service.

"The employees we honor today epitomize what the Spirit of Chicago award is all about," said Chicago Transit Board Chairman Carole Brown. ?We are pleased to recognize them for their thoughtful and humanitarian efforts and outstanding performance on behalf of CTA customers and area residents."

?We applaud these employees for their professionalism, quick thinking and compassion," said CTA President Frank Kruesi. ?The good character they displayed while representing CTA and providing assistance where needed is commendable. We are proud they are a part of the CTA."

Alex Alban, a nine-year CTA employee, was recognized for winning second place in the first ever Best Customer Service event in the International Bus Roadeo Competition held in Anaheim, California, recently. The competition features the best bus operators and maintenance teams from transit agencies throughout North America. Alban?a five-time participant in the CTA's annual Bus Roadeo?placed in the winners circle several times in CTA competitions, which earned him the right to compete in the international competition. At the time of the competition, Alban was a bus operator, however; he since has been promoted to a bus controller position at CTA's Control Center.

John Vaughn, a nine-year CTA employee, was recognized for his resourcefulness in avoiding a potential accident and providing assistance to a motorist in distress. On February 8, Vaughn was northbound on the #62 Archer route when he and his bus customers noticed a vehicle in the adjacent lane moving erratically.

Vaughn avoided contact with the car; he then approached the stopped car and provided first aid to the driver while offering his cell phone to the car's passenger to contact emergency medical personnel.

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