Texting for Estimated Bus Arrival Times Just Got Easier

October 1, 2010
All Bus Stops Now Feature CTA Bus Tracker Texting Information
Finding out when your bus is arriving is even more convenient with the availability of CTA Bus Tracker texting information at every bus stop. Every Chicago Transit Authority bus stop sign now has all the information necessary to receive the estimated arrival times of the next buses via text message. two-way_text_signage
“The CTA Bus Tracker texting feature has proved to be a valuable tool for our customers,” said CTA President Richard L. Rodriguez. “By providing Bus Tracker texting information at each bus stop, customers have the information they need readily available no matter what bus stop they use.”
CTA Bus Tracker is a Web-based program that uses global positioning system (GPS) technology to provide customers with estimated bus arrival times and service information. In addition to text messaging, customers can access estimated arrival times via ctabustracker.com, or receive it automatically through a customized subscription text/email alert feature, which allows customers to select the day(s), time(s) and route(s) for which they wish to receive information.
CTA conducted a pilot at 42 locations across the city earlier this year to determine the usefulness of providing texting identification numbers on CTA bus stop signs. Based on usage and customer feedback, a decision was made to expand the program to include all of the approximately 11,800 CTA bus stop locations.
Prior to the expansion of the program to all bus stops, roughly 12,000 two-way texts were received on an average weekday and in total, nearly 1.7 million two-way texts were received from customers across the bus service area. So far in September – with information now available at all bus stops – the number of requests has doubled. Approximately 24,000 two-way texts are received from customers on an average weekday.
Information about all CTA bus routes is available at ctabustracker.com. The desktop version of CTA Bus Tracker Web site with estimated arrival times and bus location maps is accessible from any computer with a modern Web browser and many advanced smartphones. A simplified version of the site that provides only estimated arrival times is available for mobile devices with mobile Web access. Estimated arrival times via short message service (SMS) is available for most phones with text messaging capabilities.
CTA does not charge customers to access or receive bus arrival information and alerts; however, standard text messaging and mobile Web access rates may apply based on customers’ individual service plans. CTA is not responsible for any wireless service charges accrued as a result of using these services.
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