A train decorated with pride flag colors

All aboard and ride with pride

To celebrate Pride Month, the CTA will once again roll the Pride Train into service to pay tribute to the dynamism and continuing evolution of the LGBTQIA+ community. Celebrating its sixth anniversary, the train will begin service on the Red Line on Monday, June 12.

Train car decorated in Pride colors
Detail shot of colorful stripes the on pride train
The words "ride with pride" printed on the pride train
Signs inside the pride train saying "We are one community" and "Being yourself is always right"

This year’s 8-car Pride Train features a blended design of horizontal colors inspired by route lines on transit maps. The intentional design is meant to be inclusive and welcoming to all.

The color order maintains the more classic pride colors as a base in the lower portion of the car body, while, in a similar vein, the Philly Pride and Progress flags put colors that represent marginalized groups within the larger community first.

Riding with pride through the years


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