Pride Train car design with swooping color lines

All aboard and ride with pride

To celebrate Pride Month, the CTA will once again roll the Pride Train into service to pay tribute to the dynamism and continuing evolution of the LGBTQ+ community. Celebrating its seventh anniversary, the train will begin service on the Red Line on Monday, June 3.

Closer view of swooping color line design
Close up shot on the side of a train car saying Ride With Pride
A collection of inspirational messages inside a train car
Train line diagrams saying Welcome Aboard the CTA Where You're Free to be Your True Self

This year’s train features a new design, which will cover the entirety of the train. The 2024 design is an evolution of the previous year’s line-art, using bands of color like the transit map lines, but with a curved and inverting rainbow pattern forming shapes. The design continues to embrace not only the classic Pride Flag colors, but also includes colors to represent LGBTQ+ people of color with the black and brown stripes and trans color trio.

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Riding with pride through the years