April 13, 2000

Chicago Transit Authority President Frank Kruesi recently appointed Susan Plassmeyer as the CTA's new Chief of Staff. This position oversees all aspects of the President's Office and coordinates with senior staff to ensure the completion of CTA initiatives. The position reports directly to the President.

Plassmeyer brings to the position broad experience in both public policy and financial administration. Most recently, Plassmeyer was responsible for CTA revenue generation areas such as parking lots and retail and concession space. She also oversaw management and planning of office space for all CTA departments as the General Manager of the Real Estate Department.

Prior to her work at the CTA, Plassmeyer held positions in planning, budget, and human resources at the University of Chicago. She has also served as the chief administrative and financial officer for the Environmental Law and Policy Center, and as Assistant Vice-President of Corporate and Community Affairs at The First National Bank of Chicago.

CTA President Frank Kruesi said, 'susan's background and enthusiasm for the CTA will serve her well as Chief of Staff. Taking action on the many initiatives underway at the CTA requires someone with Susan's understanding of the issues. Overall, she has a demonstrated capacity for getting things done, and I look forward to coordinating with her on the work of this office."

Plassmeyer received her undergraduate degree from Truman State University in Missouri. She earned a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from the University of Chicago.

Other professional accomplishments include being selected as a Fellow for Leadership Greater Chicago and as a National Finalist for the White House Fellowship Program. She is currently a Board Member for ACCION Chicago and for the Jane Addams Resource Corporation.

Plassmeyer, age 36, is a resident of Chicago. The Chief of Staff has an annual salary of $100,000.

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