On Transit Driver Appreciation Day 2022, CTA, Metra and Pace Ask Customers to Say “Thank You!” to Rail and Bus Operators Who Kept Our Region Rolling During Pandemic

March 18, 2022 12:01 AM

Get on board with Chicago’s transit agencies on March 18: Showing appreciation to the region’s essential transit workers by using #TDAD

Today, Chicago’s three regional transit agencies—the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), Metra, and Pace Suburban Bus— ask riders and the general public to join them in celebrating Transit Driver Appreciation Day (TDAD). The most effective and appreciative method to do that is to simply say “Thank you!” to your bus and rail operator and other essential transit workers who have kept the region moving these past two years throughout this challenging time.

Like so many businesses and agencies throughout our country, the pandemic has impacted the region’s transit agencies like never before. Yet the CTA, Metra and Pace operators, engineers, mechanics and other support personnel have demonstrated their dedication, professionalism and courage throughout this crisis by continuing to provide a safe, reliable and healthy travel environment for essential workers and those needing to take essential trips.

“As the lifeblood of our region, thousands of brave men and women went to work each day – sometimes risking their own health and safety – to keep us moving forward,” said CTA President Dorval R. Carter, Jr. “March 18 is the day to share some appreciation to these frontline workers by saying “thank you” and using hash tag #TDAD tag to express your gratitude. I hope all Chicagoans will join us in this ‘call to action’ to show your appreciation.”

“I am proud of the hundreds of professional and courageous Metra workers who kept our trains running and supported our organization during the last two years,” said Metra CEO/Executive Director Jim Derwinski. “In the spirit of My Metra, they took responsibility for our riders and the Chicago area and kept the system kept running during a difficult time. I encourage everyone to take a moment and thank all transit workers for their hard work and dedication.”

“Transit operators are truly heroes moving heroes. They keep our region connected by helping essential workers get to their critical jobs and by maintaining access to medical care and vital services for residents. Today, and every day, I am grateful for their service and applaud their dedication to the people of our region. Please join us and thank your bus or train operator today,” said Pace Executive Director Melinda J. Metzger.

In celebration of Transit Driver Appreciation Day, transit riders are encouraged to share their support and gratitude any of the following ways:

  • Wave or provide an in-person greeting (socially distanced, of course),
  • Post a “shout-out” on social media channels using the hashtag #TDAD, or
  • Offer praise to a particular employee by submitting a commendation online or by calling the respective transit agency:

As the region slowly recovers from the pandemic, transit ridership continues to grow. CTA ridership has doubled over the last year, and Metra and Pace continue to see ridership increases.

The region’s three transit agencies kept service running throughout the entire pandemic, while placing the highest priority on providing the safest, healthiest environment for customers and employees. Every step and measure taken regarding day-to-day operations across the three transit systems has been in lockstep with guidance from local, state and federal health officials.

During the past two years, CTA, Metra and Pace have taken many proactive steps to help protect transit workers, including: implementing extensive cleaning and disinfecting protocols on all vehicles in addition to industry-leading practices already in place; following recommendations from local and national health experts pertaining to work space and social distancing procedures; and providing personnel with personal protective equipment. The three agencies also have used system signage, social media messaging, and free handouts of face masks and hand sanitizers as a way of encouraging riders to follow federal mandates and CDC-recommended health and safety protocols of always wearing a mask while on transit, and social distancing, whenever possible. 

For more information about Transit Driver Appreciation Day 2022, visit the social media channels for CTA: (Twitter: @cta, Facebook: /thecta, Instagram: @chicagocta), Metra: (Twitter: @metra, Facebook: /metrarail, Instagram: @metrarail), and Pace: (Twitter: @pacesuburbanbus, Facebook: /pacebus).


CTA's employee tribute video "Super Heroes": https://youtu.be/0yvc5qeeYBA 



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