June 8, 2001

Please review Customer Alert for Reroute Maps.

The start of a new phase of the Wacker Drive Reconstruction Project will restore the regular routing of five CTA bus lines that were detoured when the first phase of the project began in late February, and will include new detours for six other routes that will be affected for the first time.

Three bus lines that formerly crossed the State Street bridge will return to their regular routing on State Monday, June 11, when the intersection of State and Wacker is reopened. They are the #29 State, #36 Broadway, and #62 Archer.

Also on Monday, June 11, the Franklin-Orleans bridge will be reopened, restoring the routing of two bus lines, and LaSalle Street will be closed at Wacker, requiring detours for six other lines.

Northbound #37 Sedgwick/Ogden and #125 Water Tower Express buses, which have been detoured to LaSalle while the Franklin-Orleans bridge was under reconstruction, will return to their regular routing, except that #125 buses will reach Franklin via Lake instead of using Wacker. Southbound buses on both routes will continue to use Wells.

The closing of LaSalle at Wacker will detour #135 Wilson/LaSalle Express, #136 Sheridan/LaSalle Express and #156 LaSalle (local) buses, which regularly operate on LaSalle in both directions. Southbound buses will turn east from LaSalle at Illinois, go south on Clark and return to LaSalle at Randolph. Northbound buses will turn east from LaSalle at Washington and go north on Dearborn before returning to LaSalle at Kinzie.

Also being detoured from LaSalle to Dearborn northbound will be #120 North Western/Wacker Express, #121 Union/Wacker Express, and #124 Navy Pier Express buses that operate to Navy Pier from the Ogilvie Transportation Center (North Western Station) and/or Union Station. Because these are express buses, they will make no stops on Dearborn or while returning to the stations southbound on Clark.

#2 Hyde Park Express, #6 Jeffery Express, #10 Museum of Science & Industry, #24 Wentworth, #122 Illinois Center/North Western Express, #123 Illinois Center/Union Express and #146 Marine/Michigan Express buses will remain on their detoured routing while work continues on the Wacker project.

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