New ‘Ask CTA’ Video Series Addressing Rider Questions Set to Launch

March 14, 2024

Dedicated video series answers riders’ questions about various aspects of Chicago’s transit system – from timely to curious and historical matters

Coming soon to your social media channels, a new video series aimed at answering questions from riders on the system, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) announced today.  

“Our riders are engaged and interested in how the system works and how we are working to improve. These videos feature questions from real riders on system that are answered by  transit experts here at CTA,” said CTA President Dorval R. Carter, Jr. “This is the latest in a series of measures we’ve launched recently to improve communication with our riders  and the public, including our interactive performance metrics dashboard, because real customer service is a two-way street.” 

The first videos in the series answer questions from bus and rail customers including:

  • What’s being done to improve security?
  • Why do “ghost” buses/trains happen?
  • What is the CTA doing to address homelessness on the system?
  • How did the CTA adopt their color system?
  • When will [the Red Line Extension Project] be done?
  • Why does bus bunching happen?

Each video, which about a minute or two in length, includes a transit rider asking their question with a CTA employee in the relevant department providing a response. This marks the first of many more installments of the video series dedicated to providing riders with answers to their questions. All production work – from interviewing, filming, and editing –is performed by CTA personnel, who will continue to head out on the system to capture your questions.

These videos are intended to provide riders an opportunity to learn a little more about the challenges CTA faces, and how they are addressed, and each video will be available on a dedicated webpage on CTA’s website transitchicago.com. This new series builds on previous customer-education efforts, including “When Things Go Wrong,” a CTA webpage that explains how the agency responds to delays and unplanned disruptions to service.

The first “season” in the series will be posted to CTA’s social media accounts, YouTube channel, and CTA’s website weekly beginning March 20.

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