May 24, 2000

Fourteen CTA bus routes that operate on or cross State from Wacker to Congress will be detoured Saturday, May 27, for the Memorial Day/Cadet Day Parade. The parade is scheduled to step off at noon south on State from Wacker to Van Buren.

During the parade, #6 Jeffery Express and #10 Science & Industry buses will operate both north and southbound through the downtown area on Michigan. #145 Wilson/Michigan, #146 Marine/Michigan, #147 Outer Drive Express, and #151 Sheridan buses to Congress will also remain on Michigan in both directions through the downtown area.

#29 State, #36 Broadway, and #62 Archer buses will operate north on Dearborn and south on Clark.

#20 Madison #60 Blue Island/26th and #126 Jackson buses will go east to Dearborn before turning back west over their regular routes.

#56 Milwaukee and #151 Sheridan (Union Station) buses, which serve the Ogilvie Transportation Center (North Western Station) and Union Station, respectively, will operate around the parade area, using LaSalle to cross the Chicago River northbound and Clark southbound en route to their destinations.

#130 Grant Park Treasures buses, which serve both stations and the Museum Campus on the lakefront, will also operate around the parade area, turning south from Jackson onto Clark, and east on Congress back to the regular route at Michigan. Return trips will be via Congress, Dearborn and Adams.

Uniformed CTA supervisors will be in the downtown area to help direct customers to buses during the parade period. For information about all CTA service, call 836-7000 (all local area codes).

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