Keep Your Eye on the Target!

May 27, 2010

CTA Relocating Chicago Card Readers on Buses

Farecard SignageThe Chicago Transit Authority will begin relocating the reader or target for Chicago Cards on CTA buses from the left of the front door to the front of the farebox equipment starting Monday, May 31 and continuing through the summer.  

Moving the Chicago Card target will streamline boarding and allow the bus operator to better serve customers.  

Relocating the target allows operators and customers to more quickly resolve questions.  

A decal will be affixed where the reader had previously been installed to let customers know that the target on a particular bus has been relocated.

The targets will be moved according to bus garage. The first garage will be Forest Glen.  Routes operating out of that garage are:  

  • #54A North Cicero/Skokie Blvd.    
  • #56 Milwaukee    
  • #56A North Milwaukee    
  • #64 Foster/Canfield    
  • #68 Northwest Highway    
  • #69 Cumberland/East River    
  • #74 Fullerton*    
  • #77 Belmont    
  • #78 Montrose    
  • #80 Irving Park    
  • #81 Lawrence    
  • #81W West Lawrence    
  • #84 Peterson    
  • #85 Central
  • #85A North Central
  • #86 Narragansett/Ridgeland
  • #88 Higgins
  • #90 Harlem
  • #90N North Harlem
  • #91 Austin
  • #92 Foster
  • #97 Skokie*
  • #152 Addison*
  • #201 Central/Ridge*
  • #205 Chicago/Golf*
  • #206 Evanston Circulator*

*Routes marked with asterisk operate out of more than one garage and buses along the route will be changed with their respective garages.

CTA installed the readers to the left of the door in 2005.

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