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Buying fares & tickets

CTA offers a variety of fare payment options to suit your needs. Fares are paid using reloadable cards which store value for use on CTA buses and trains; fares are deducted from cards as you go. We also offer passes, which are good for unlimited riding within the time period specified on the pass.

There are several ways to pay:

  1. Ventra Cards, contactless bankcards & mobile wallets
    Easy boarding, can store money or passes, buy at stations, retail locations or order online. Cards effectively free with registration.
  2. Ventra Tickets
    Disposable, limited-use tickets for infrequent riders, can be used for a single ride (with transfers) or a 1-Day Pass.
  3. Passes
    Unlimited rides on CTA buses and trains for a period of time.
  4. Cash
    Can be used on buses only; transfer privileges are not available with cash (buy Ventra Card or Ventra Tickets at train stations).

Ventra Cards, contactless bankcards & mobile wallets

Ventra is CTA and Pace's new fare payment system. Get Ventra Cards at any Ventra Vending Machine in 'L' stations, Ventra Retailers around town, online or by phone. These contactless cards are easy to load and easy to use—you just tap and go.

Ventra Cards cost $5, but the cost is returned to you as value as soon as you register your card--online (by computer or smartphone) or by phone. Transit value can be used for rides on buses and trains, or applied toward the purchase of a pass.

Registering your card also protects it against loss or theft, and we'll send you a new card when your card expires. (These sturdy cards expire after four-to-five years.)

You can also use a personal, contactless bankcard or mobile wallet (Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.) to pay with Ventra. If your card has the contactless payment  symbol, your card can be used to directly pay a PAYG fare, or be used with a Ventra Transit Account by loading fare value or passes at Ventra Vending Machines.

Get more information, order cards and manage your account at ventrachicago.com.

Ventra Tickets

Ventra Tickets are a new, disposable fare option. These paper, contactless tickets are vended from machines in every station and can be a great option if you're just visiting or are an infrequent rider (if you ride regularly, we recommend getting a Ventra Card to pay the regular fare with transit value or multi-day passes).

Ventra Tickets are good only for a limited time and cannot be loaded again once used up. There are two types of tickets available:

  • Single-Ride Ticket: $3
    Includes a full fare and two transfers.
  • 1-Day Ticket: $5
    Good for unlimited rides for 24 hours.

These Ventra Tickets are good only on CTA.


We offer 1-Day and multi-day passes that allow unlimited rides for the specified time. A 7-Day Pass, for example, allows you unlimited riding for seven full days from the first time you use the pass. Some passes work on both CTA and Pace.

Passes are available at every Ventra Machine: Load onto a Ventra Card or buy a new card and load a pass onto it at any Ventra Machine).

Special free ride passes are also available for eligible riders. (See Reduced Fare & Free Ride Programs.)

See also: Fares (includes list of current passes and pass prices)


If haven't already bought a fare card, you can also pay with cash on buses--exact fare is required (bus drivers do not give change). You cannot purchase a transfer when paying in cash (farecards are required for transfer).

If you're boarding a train, turnstiles do not accept cash or coins--but you can use cash to buy or load value on a Ventra Card or to buy a limited use Ventra Ticket.

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