Fullerton Stationhouse Entrance to Red, Brown and Purple Lines Opens Saturday

September 10, 2009


Although construction work continues, on Saturday afternoon, September 12, CTA customers entering and exiting the Fullerton station served by the Red, Brown and Purple lines will begin using the new station entrance located approximately 75 feet west of the existing temporary entrance.
The temporary entrance was opened in October 2006 to allow crews to relocate the historic stationhouse to the north side of Fullerton Parkway and build the new station in its place.
While CTA personnel relocate fare equipment to the permanent station entrance Saturday morning, mobile fare boxes will be available in the temporary entrance to ensure continued access to the station.
Construction work associated with the Brown Line capacity expansion project will continue at Fullerton and in the new stationhouse until later this year. Upon completion of construction work, the Fullerton station will be fully accessible to customers with disabilities. 
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