November 5, 1999

Metra riders arriving downtown at the Ogilvie Transportation Center and Union Station for the tribute to Walter Payton Saturday will be served by CTA buses heading directly to Soldier Field, starting at 9 a.m. Regular CTA fares of $1.50 (75 cents for seniors with RTA ID and children 7-11) will apply.

Buses with destination signs reading "Soldier Field" will begin their trips at the Ogilvie Transportation Center (North Western Station) westbound on Madison between Canal and Clinton. The buses will then go south on Clinton and east on Jackson, stopping at Canal for riders leaving Union Station.

From there the buses will make regular stops east on Jackson and south via Michigan, Balbo and Columbus Drive to McFetridge Drive at the north end of Soldier Field. The Payton event starts at noon.

Soldier Field can also be reached from stations at Roosevelt between State and Wabash that are served by Red, Green and Orange Line trains.

Starting at 9:30 a.m., shuttle buses on the #146 Marine-Michigan route will supplement regular service to Soldier Field southbound on State from Kinzie. These buses will go south on State to Roosevelt and then east to Columbus and McFetridge. High-capacity articulated buses will be assigned to this route to accommodate the greatest number of passengers.

Other #146 Marine-Michigan buses will operate to Soldier Field over the regular route, which serves North Michigan Avenue from Delaware to Wacker. These buses turn west from Michigan at Wacker, and continue south via State, Congress, Michigan, Balbo and Columbus to McFetridge.

Also serving Soldier Field will be shuttle buses on the #12 Roosevelt route, which will begin supplementing regular service east on Roosevelt from State at 10 a.m. for customers who may wish to transfer from Red, Green or Orange Line trains, or from other bus routes.

After the event, extra buses on all three routes will await riders on McFetridge Drive for trips back to the 'L' at Roosevelt, to downtown or to the Metra stations.

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