CTA to Order an Additional 200 New Flyer Buses

November 8, 2006

The Chicago Transit Board today approved the purchase of an additional 200 low-emission buses to replace aging buses in CTA's fleet. The $74.4 million purchase is the third order of buses under an existing contract with New Flyer of America, Inc. originally executed in November 2005. Today's action brings the total New Flyer order to date to 650 buses under the existing contract. Currently, 276 New Flyer buses have been delivered and are in service along CTA bus routes systemwide.

"With today's approval, the CTA has purchased more than 1,400 new buses since 2000," said CTA President Frank Kruesi. ?New buses add to the CTA's overall ability to provide reliable service and the low emission engines help reduce the impact of the bus fleet on the environment."

The New Flyer buses produce approximately 60 percent fewer emissions than the buses they replace because of the low emission engines. Additional features include low-floors, which make it easier for customers to board and exit from the curb, and ramps that make the buses accessible for customers with disabilities. The buses also feature strap hangers for standing customers, a rear door easy-touch feature for ease in exiting, a more comfortable seat design, surveillance cameras, bike racks, an automated announcement system and automatic passenger counters.

?Continued investment in the fleet and facilities helps CTA to more effectively meet customer demand and attract new customers to public transit," said Chicago Transit Board Chairman Carole Brown. ?We are grateful to our region's Congressional delegation, which has shown remarkable bipartisan cooperation, in successfully securing capital funds to continue investment the system."

In February 2006, CTA approved the $94.9 million base order for 265 New Flyer buses that includes 20 diesel electric hybrids. The hybrid buses are powered by both diesel engines and electric motors to further reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency. CTA expects delivery of the 20 diesel electric hybrids to begin by the end of this year. In May, CTA approved a
$63.4 million contract for 185 additional New Flyer buses under Option 1 of the existing contract.

Buses purchased as part of the base order of 265 buses and the Option 1 order of 185 buses are being used to replace some of the CTA's 15-year-old Flxible buses that were purchased in 1991. Today's order of 200 buses will complete the replacement of the 1991 Flxible buses and begin the replacement of TMC buses purchased in 1991, and Flxible buses purchased in 1995.

The existing contract was competitively bid. The Option 2 order is funded by the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) bonds and CTA bonds.

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