CTA to Install Express Vending Machine at Metra Electric Station

October 13, 2011
CTA and Metra are joining together to install a CTA Express Vending Machine (EVM) at the Electric District’s 55th 56th 57th Street station (1500 East 57th Street) to improve convenience for customers who transfer between the two transit agencies as their mode of travel. 
“We continue our efforts to make using the CTA system as convenient for customers as possible,” said CTA President Forrest Claypool. “Approximately 20,000 CTA customers also use Metra and the ability to purchase a farecard or add value at a Metra station makes using both systems easier. The ability to use a credit card or appropriate debit card also means customers don’t have to have the exact amount of cash in order to make their transaction.”
The express vending machine at the 55th 56th 57th Street station will allow customers to use credit cards to purchase magnetic strip transit cards and add value to either magnetic strip transit cards or Chicago Cards using Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express credit cards, as well as debit cards that have an accompanying credit card logo.
When paying with a credit card or an applicable debit card, the minimum value that can be added to a magnetic strip transit card or Chicago Card is $5. As a security measure, the maximum value that can be charged to a credit card is $25 each calendar day.
As part of the agreement with Metra, CTA will install and maintain the Express Vending Machine and Metra will provide the electricity need to operate the machine.
Currently there are 61 EVMs at CTA rail stations including at O’Hare station (Blue Line), Merchandise Mart (Brown and Purple Express Lines), Clark/Lake (Loop), Adams/Jackson (Blue Line), Midway (Orange Line) and 95th Street (Red Line). 
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