September 22, 2000

The CTA on Sunday, September 24, will open a newly rebuilt entrance to the UIC-Halsted Blue Line station at Morgan in the first phase of a project to modernize the station and make it accessible to customers with disabilities.

Before construction began in April, Morgan (1000 West) was used only as an exit. Customers had to enter at Halsted (800 West) or Peoria (900 West). The reconstructed Morgan entrance has two new standard turnstiles and a turnstile for access by customers with disabilities, as well as a ramp to the platform that has been reconfigured to meet ADA guidelines. The entrance will be staffed 24 hours daily.

At the Peoria entrance, work is under way to rebuild stairways from the street level to the platform. At least one stairway will be open at all times while the work proceeds. When the reconstruction is completed, two stairways will be available for customers to enter and exit, and a third for exiting only.

The final phase of the project will be to rebuild the main station entrance at Halsted for ADA accessibility. Expected to be completed next year, the work at Halsted will include rebuilding the street-level station entrance and reconfiguring the ramp to the platform in the same manner as at Morgan. The Halsted entrance will have three standard turnstiles and an accessible turnstile for customers with disabilities.

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