August 26, 2004

Beginning Friday, August 27, the CTA Red Line Lake Streetmezzanine will temporarily become an exit only, as work continues on a subway station renovation.

Red Line riders will be able to enter the station from the Randolph-Washington mezzanine, about one block to the south.

During this time, the free transfer that customers normally receive between the State/Lake elevated station and the Lake subway station, will be honored between the Randolph-Washington subway station and both State/Lake and Randolph/Wabash elevated stations.

The mezzanine will return to its normal configuration in summer 2005.

The $15 million station renovation, which began in April, will rebuild the mezzanine and platform between Lake and Randolph streets. The new areas will feature attractive ceramic tile walls and ceilings, and brighter, more energy-efficient lighting.

Additionally, the project will expand the public area of the mezzanine level by 1,500 square feet, creating space for additional turnstiles. One new escalator will replace an existing escalator between the platform and mezzanine level, while two escalators between the mezzanine and street level will be refurbished. Each will operate 25 percent faster than the existing escalators.

The platform design follows the design motif incorporated at three rehabilitated Red Line subway stations: Chicago (2001), Jackson (2000), and Washington (1997). The design includes ceramic tiled vaulted ceiling panels and walls with a cityscape design.CTA and CDOT have worked together to minimize the impact on Red Line customers throughout the project. Over the past few weeks, both agencies have distributed information to customers and nearby businesses and residents.Work is scheduled to be complete by early 2006.

Funding is provided through the Federal Transit Administration (approximately 80 percent) and Illinois FIRST (about 20 percent).

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