CTA Recognizes 14 Outstanding Employees for Earning Customer Praise

April 18, 2023

Agency recognizes hard work and dedication of CTA employees who received the most customer commendations since January 2022

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) today is recognizing the hard work and dedication of 14 employees who have received multiple customer commendations in the past year.

The employees—representing many departments across the agency, including Rail Operations, Rail Station Management, Bus Operations and Bus Maintenance—received the commendations through CTA’s Customer Service Department. Employees were also honored by the Chicago Transit Board at its monthly meeting last week.

Customers praised the CTA employees for a wide variety of actions.  For example, a customer on the #146 bus route shared a story about Bus Operator, Michael W. “Operator went above and beyond to assist me a blind passenger, while boarding the extremely crowded bus at the peak of commuting hours. The Operator announced the stops over the speaker in case we could not hear the audio announcements and he was just kind and enthusiastic. It was a fantastic way to start my Monday.”

“As CTA President, it gives me great pride to hear customers’ glowing accounts of the work being done by our employees,” said CTA President Dorval R. Carter, Jr.  “It is not only revealing in terms of how some of our top employees are performing, but it also reminds us that there are individuals coming to work every day, making a difference in our customers’ travel experiences in profound and positive ways.”

Each of the following employees will be profiled on CTA’s social media channels for their accomplishments:

  • Bus Operations:

    • Charritta C., Bus Operator, Route 151, 4 years of service
    • Juan A., Bus Operator, Route 136, 16 years of service
    • Mia B., Bus Operator, Route 22, 16 years of service
    • Sean B., Bus Operator, Route 155, 4 years of service
    • Michael T., Bus Operator, Route 77, 19 years of service
    • Henry W., Bus Servicer, Forest Glen Garage, 16 years of service
    • Michael W., Bus Operator, Route 146,10 years of service
  • Rail Operations:

    • Ron C., Rapid Transit Operator, Pink Line 28 years of service
    • Latara J., Rapid Transit Operator, Brown Line 15 years of service
    • Tyrone H., Rapid Transit Operator, Red Line 9 years of service
    • Tanya P., Universal Rail Supervisor 1, Rosemont Blue Line, 9 years of service
    • Janet M., Customer Service Representative, Kimball Brown Line, 27 years of service
    • Alicia S., Customer Service Representative, 95th/Dan Ryan Red Line, 27 years of service
    • Onisha S., Janitor, Rapid Transit, Chicago Brown Line, 4 years of service

Submitting employee commendations is just one way CTA riders are encouraged to share their appreciation for CTA’s frontline workers.  Last month, customers across Chicago were also waving to or saying, “Thank you!” to area bus and rail operators, conductors, and other transit workers as part of national Transit Employee Appreciation Day. 

CTA riders who have positive transit experiences thanks to CTA’s employees – are encouraged to share their stories or experiences. To share an account of how a CTA employee made a difference in your day or commute, you can send an email to feedback@transitchicago.com or call 1-888 YOUR-CTA (968-7282) and pressing 7.  

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