CTA Prepares for Snow Removal Duty in Advance of Forecasted Snowfall

February 5, 2008

As Chicago continues to experience one of the snowiest winters in years, CTA plans to have crews deployed to rail stations throughout the early morning hours Wednesday to keep platforms clear of snow for customers.

'snow removal teams will be deployed at rail stations throughout the early morning hours so riders will be able to easily board and exit platforms as they go to work," said CTA President Ron Huberman. ?We will continue to monitor conditions and weather forecasts throughout the day tomorrow and deploy crews as needed to maintain clear platforms for the evening rush as well."

CTA's snow command team will be out in force to keep bus garages and bus turnarounds clear and to coordinate efforts with the City of Chicago's snow command. In anticipation of the sleet and snow, crews are salting bus terminals, turnarounds and garages prior to the arrival of this most recent winter storm.

CTA track and substation staff will be on duty throughout the night at rail yards to clear switches of snow and ice build up. Rail switch heaters throughout the rail system will also be activated to help reduce ice buildup. Parking lot vendors for CTA Park & Ride lots have been notified to salt and keep parking lots clear.

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