January 8, 2003

In an ongoing effort to accommodate the needs of customers, the CTA has implemented a pilot program that allows open strollers on its bus and rail system.

The pilot program will remain in effect until further notice and amends a CTA policy that required customers to remove children and fold up the strollers prior to boarding buses and trains. There are no size restrictions on the strollers, which will be permitted onto the transit system during all hours of operation, as long as they can be safely accommodated.

CTA Chairman Valerie B. Jarrett stated, "We listened to the concerns some of our customers had with the CTA policy requiring strollers to be folded up before boarding buses and trains. Through the pilot, we are attempting to balance customer safety with convenience and ease of travel."

CTA President Frank Kruesi said, "The CTA remains a customer-driven, family-friendly company. During the pilot, we will carefully monitor stroller usage to ascertain that all customers are safely accommodated."

Customers with strollers can now request that bus operators deploy the lift/ramp for their use during boarding. At rail stations, these customers will be encouraged to use the accessible gate and elevators to enter the platforms to board trains. For safety reasons, open strollers will continue to be prohibited on escalators. In the event that a rail station does not have an elevator, customers with strollers will be asked to fold up the strollers and use the stairs.

Other safety tips for customers with strollers to consider when traveling by CTA buses and trains include:

- Do not leave children unattended

- Secure children in strollers prior to boarding buses and trains

- Position strollers parallel to the tracks when on platforms, never facing the tracks

- Keep strollers clear of aisles and doorways

The Chicago Transit Authority operates the nation's second largest public transportation system. On an average weekday, 1.5 million rides are taken on CTA, which serves Chicago and 40 suburbs.

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